Cutthroat Anglers

Charlie Schmidt

AKA: Touch Down Jesus...


Charlie moved to Fairplay from St. Louis, MO at age 14. He grew up fishing in his backyard on Beaver Creek. Like many other fishermen, the spinning tackle was left to gather dust after picking up his first fly rod. Most of Charlie's experience comes from spending time fishing the high alpine freestone rivers, tail waters, and high mountain lakes of Colorado. His formal fishing education came from his father, Allan, who was, and remains today, an avid dry fly fisherman with an artist’s ability to present light dries on 7x. It wasn't until college that Charlie really started to experiment with ideas outside the boundaries of his father’s nymph fishing! After college, Charlie began guiding dog sledding tours in Breckenridge; and not long after that he picked up fly fish guiding during the summer seasons. Charlie, now a three year veteran at Cutthroat Anglers, has been affectionately given the nickname "Touch Down Jesus" for his long hair and his ability to throw a football farther than Sean Dailey. Charlie devotes much of his spare time to developing better fly patterns. Recently, several of his fly patterns were picked up by Umpqua Feather Merchants. His patterns include: the “TDJ,” the “No Hatch Necessary Drake”, the “Count Drakeula,” and the “Kidney Stone.”

Charlie believes that we can never stop learning new techniques and methods for catching the trouts and any bad day on the river is better than any good day in the office....

Charlie Schmidt Quick Facts:

Originally From:  Webster Groves, St. Louis, MO
Favorite Local Fishing Spot:
Below Green Mountain Reservoir, Upper Cataract Lake
Favorite Place on Earth:
On the river with family and friends...or on a dogsled
Most Used Rods, Reels & Lines:

1) G.Loomis 9ft 5wt NRX with a nice light Tibor Tailwater, 5wt Rio Gold
2)G.Loomis 9ft 6wt Stream Dance, Abel Super 5N, 6wt Rio Gold
Favorite Movie Quote:
" you smell something." Dan Aykroyd, Ghostbusters.
Destinations Fished:
Rockies, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest... "Specializes in wade fishing local water"