Cutthroat Anglers

Rosko - Store Architect


Rosko made his way into the world of fly fishing by follow the sage advice, “if it feels good…do it.” He has quickly become an intensely focused fisher of flies and teller of tales. Even during the rare occurrence of fishless times, time spent with Rosko is considered a treat.

If you visited our shop, we hope you were overwhelmed by the unique atmosphere. First, we would like to thank you for visiting the shop and hope you return soon. Second, we need to inform you that Rosko’s magic hand built the shop, so be sure to direct any complaints his way.

With the interference of Trapper, most days the shop’s construction resembled an episode of Tool Time with Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor and Al Borland played by Rosko and Trapper respectively. We doubt we will ever be able to pay Rosko’s bill, so we hired him as a part time guide to help supplement his income.

Similar to how Commissioner Gordon calls Batman into action; the rumor of a “clubhouse” meeting brings Rosko out of his secret, mountain quarters. We keep hoping he will eventually build a few additions for the shop, but we cannot seem to keep him off the river during his free time.

Rosco Quick Facts:

Originally From: Cleveland, Ohio on a boat perch fishing on Lake Erie
Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Rosko’s Run on the Blue River
Favorite Place on Earth: Anywhere along the Equator
Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: G.Loomis GLX Classic 5 Weight, Ross San Miguel 2, Rio Grande WF5
Movie Quote: "I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody!" Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront
Destinations Fished: Indonesia, Mexico (Yucatan), Belize, Quebec Canada, Florida, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, Missouri, the DIA Airport