Cutthroat Anglers

Todd Brown


Todd, alias Code Brown--don't ask--has been involved with Cutthroat Anglers from the start. Though not always a full time guide, he is a full time fisherman. During the winter months he aids fallen skiers and snow boarders at Copper Mountain. When he is not guiding, fishing or Ski Patrolling, Todd enjoys dining at the cheapest eateries in the area. Code can be found in almost any establishment that serves his favorite cuisine: whole bananas and vanilla yogurt topped with copious amounts of freshly whipped cream. He finds popsicles to be a close second. Not fond of sunscreen, Todd can easily be picked out of any crowd; just look for the guy wearing the !*?% eating grin who looks like a match-stick. Todd is a wade guide specialist. No, make that a wade guide wizard. Todd knows where the fish live, what flies to use, which river is fishing best, and he is always quick with the jokes. Fishing with Todd is a pleasure.