Cutthroat Anglers

Matt Weiler


Matt "Wheels" Weiler grew up fishing everyday, for almost anything. His home water was Lake Michigan. To subsidize his passion for fishing, Matt delivered papers and did the odd job that didn't interfere with getting his line wet. Later (and only after catching many fish) Matt succumbed to a fairly equal diet of fishing and surveying. Matt recently returned from just such a surveying gig in South America; where he tried, unsuccessfully, to fish for something....anything. Matt is the kind of guy who will happily spend two weeks catching sharks on a dedicated Redfish trip because a hurricane made a mess of the Redfish habitat. Given his choice, fishing for Tarpon is Matt's favorite outdoor activity. O.K. Matt is obsessed with Tarpon. But even though Wheels has a love for the Blue Water and Tarpon, he is a a very experienced trout angler and guide. Matt has spent many years fly fishing for trout in and around Summit County. Having trouble making "that" cast? Don't worry. Matt's patience is as inexhaustible as his sense of humor. And should you happen to run into "one of those days" while Matt is your guide, you are certain to come home with a smile on your face.......and maybe a new story to tell.