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Fly Fishing Lessons

Cutthroat Anglers Two-Hour Fly Fishing Lessons


You asked for it - you got it! Two-hour fly fishing lessons that gets you on the waters catching fish fast.


Are you interested in targeting trout in rivers or streams? Are you new to the sport of fly fishing? Do you want to lift fly fishing’s mysterious veil? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then these fly fishing lessons are for you!


Our fly fishing lessons provide you with the knowledge and tools to shortcut the learning curve and increase success on both guided and unguided adventures.


If you really love our fly fishing lessons and are interested in getting into fly fishing in a professional capacity then check out our Fly Fishing Guide School!


Our fly fishing lessons are all conducted by fully licensed and experienced fly fishing guides. Cutthroat Anglers have developed these unique fly fishing lessons to suit students of all ages and experience levels. However if you are already pretty experienced and feel the fly fishing lessons may not be targeting your needs then why not get the full guide experience by enrolling in our Fly Fishing Guide School.


Bugs_101_Resize.jpgOur two-hour fly fishing lessons are jam-packed with information and hands-on experience including:

  • How to cast a fly rod

  • Line management

  • Fly selection and entomology (bug science)

  • How to rig your rod

  • Tools of the trade

  • Using leader and tippet

  • Knot tying

  • How to present a fly

  • Safe wading

  • Where trout are most likely to be feeding in a river, and more!

Fly_bins1_Resize.jpgPrices for Fly Fishing Lessons :

  • 1 angler = $150.00

  • 2 anglers = $175.00

  • 3 anglers = $200.00

  • Guide trips are limited to 3 anglers per guide 

* Please note these are our fly fishing lessons and
not a guided trip (however it may be the best two
hours you ever spend not actually catching fish)! 
Come join us. We would love to help you get started
off on the right foot!



Waivers and Declaimers: 

* There is inherent risk in taking a guided trip. 

* Anyone under 18 being is considered to be a minor. 

* A signed waiver is required for each client. Minor Waivers must be signed, without exception, by either a Parent or Legal Guardian. Friends of the family cannot sign the waiver for a minor.




*All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.