Antero Reservoir is located in South Park, Colorado near by to the “Gold Medal” Spinney Reservoir, and it also has the right environmental conditions to produce “trophy trout”.  Shallow average water depth allows sunlight to boost plant, and invertebrate life, which supply trout with food.  However, Antero was mostly drained in 2016 to perform dam repairs. This resulted in the majority of fish population being transported to other bodies of water.  Since then about 1,000,000 trout have been stocked in Antero by the CPW.



Current Conditions:


Water Level:



Water Temperature (degrees F)



Water Clarity:

5' or better unless high winds or precipitaion stir up mud.


Current Food Sources:

 | Chironomids | Callibaetis nymphs  | Damsel nymphs | Terrestrial Insects | small fish, leeches, worms, eggs, etc. |



Flies to Try:


Guides Choice Dozen $24.99



Chubby Chernobyl size 8-16 various colors | Parachute Adam's size 16-22 | Elk Hair Caddis size 12-16, olive, brown, or black | Extended body Callibaetis size 14-16 | CDC Morgan’s Midge size 18-22 | Solitude midge in olive, black, or cream size 18-24 | Extended body Callibaetis size 14-16 | Mosquito 14-16 |



Balanced Leach in wine/black | Duracell Jig Nymph in brown or olive | Tim's Chromie in black, olive, or red size 16 | Rickard's Callibaetis nymph size 14-16 |JIG ZEBRA MIDGE SIZE 16-20 | worm patterns in wine, purple, or red |





guide tip of the week:


The lake is frozen until spring. The wade fisherman can hope to sight fish to trout that are cruising banks and shallows, opportunistically feeding, on whatever food sources they can find.  From a boat anglers can look to target weed beds that hold insect life like Callibaetis and Damsel nymphs, or cruise shallower bays looking for feeding trout. Hot headed leeches can also be super effective. CPW should start their brown trout netting here soon.


recent history:


Ice off Conditions as of 4/14: 

The resevoir is starting to thaw around the edges. Expect more water to open up over the next couple weeks. 


Late August 

Harlan and Ben spent an afternoon at Antero this past weekend. Since fishing from the shore is a litte more challenging in late summer, they decided it was time to take the motor boat out for a spin. Fish were keyed in on chrinomids, damsel nymphs and scuds. Hot flies for the day were the Jumbo JUJU Chironomid, the Picky Fish Damsel, and Chironi Cones Motor Oil. Most fish were caught in 6-10 feet of water. Here are some photos from the day... 



Damsel eater. 


Several fish in the boat, time to crack one open and head back to the boat ramp...


mid may

  Our Guide and local legend Trent Jones made a run to South Park, and wetted his lines in Spinney and Antero Reservoirs.  Here's what he had to say about the excursion....

"Got to Antero in the late afternoon after fishing Spinney earlier in the day.  Fished the North Entrance, hiked to the far point and fished same rig as Spinney which produced about five suckers.  I Decided to move to South Entrance which I've never fished and was excited to try new water.  I also added a third bug to my rig, which was a black perdigon style zebra midge, size 18.  I Fished near the dam and found one point that produced several fish on the leech and the perdigon.  One trout was a nice 18 inch brown, and I also missed a massive rainbow at the net.  Overall it was a solid mission fishing till sunset, but was fairly slow after I missed the monster bow. Wind seemed to be a large factor as it got calmer as the evening went on, and the fishing become slower. "


Classic South Park Sunset with Trent Jones behind the lense, hard to have a bad day with views like these.



Trent Jones caught this toothy brown trout at a size 16 Tungsten Devil Jig Nymph in black/copper

antero brown.jpeg