Ten Mile Creek flows from Freemont Pass down to Copper Resort, where it meets with West Ten Mile Creek, and continues to to flow east through Ten Mile Canyon to Dillon Reservoir.  North Tenmile Creek is another fishable tributary that drains into 10 Mile Canyon near Frisco from the Gore Range.  This water holds a nice population of brookies, browns, rainbows, and cutthroat trout.  Small dryflies, nymphs, and streamers can all hook fish here, the summer months can provide excellent dry-dropper fishing.




Current Conditions:



River Flow (Cubic Feet Per Second): 

About 26 cfs at Frisco.  


Water Temperature (degrees F): 



Water Clarity:

Very clear most of the time, but can get off color with rain storms and on really warm days.


Current Food Sources:

  | Stoneflies | caddis | Baetis | midge larva/pupa/adults | worms, small fish, leeches etc. |


Flies to Try:



 Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph size 14-20 | TDJ Golden Stone 16-20 | Bead Head Hare's Ear Nymph size 14-20 | San Jaun Flash Worm Red | JuJu Sally size 16-20 | UV midge chocolate size 18-22 | Sparkle Wing RS2 size 18-22 



Tim's Beetle green size 10-14 | Hippy Stomper Yellow or Brown size 10-14 | Parachute Adams size 14-22 | Elk Hair Caddis yellow size 14-18 | Pearl and Elk Caddis size 14-16 | Solitude Midge black size 18-22 |



| Slump Busters | Sculpzillas | Hot Head Squirrel Leeches |


guide tip of the week:

Ten Mile Creek is at about 26 cfs at Frisco. This piece of water is frozen up high but some open water remains near frisco. We reccomend looking elswhere this winter and this piece of water typically fishes best in the summer. If you do chose to fish it in the winter focus on the deep water with a bead head hares ear or rs2 below an egg or worm. 


Recent media:

We love seeing and hearing about your outings as well. Send any fishing photos or stories  you want to share over to jacob@fishcolorado.com and we'll throw 'em up in the reports.

5/21/21: Guide Jack Specht took a day to fish Ten Mile Creek and found success in the upper sections near Copper Mountain. Small midge and stonefly patterns were the key to success. Hot flies for the day included the TDJ Golden Stone #16-20, Tungsten Yellow Sally # UV Midge #20-22, Gray Sparkle Wing RS2 20-22. 




Recent History: 


Local angler Beau Baynum has been taking advantage of the pocket water in the middle stretches of 10 Mile Creek...