The Lower Blue below Green Mountain Reservoir is a great stretch of public water.  It is technically a "tailwater" flowing out of GMR, but it fishes more like a freestone river on some days.  There is healthy and diverse population of aquatic bug life, this keeps the Gold Medal trout population well fed.  The Lower Blue is fishable both by foot and river craft at certain river flows.  call the shop for the most current conditions.  

*The Lower Blue is not available for any type of commercial guiding, and no shuttle services are offered for this piece of water.*


Current Conditions:



The entrance to the canyon is snowy/icy/slippery, but there is a rope set up to help with the scramble.  Expect snowy/icy banks, but the water is 100% fishable and devoid of the frozen stuff.

River Flow: 

Flows have been near 120 - 140 CFS for several weeks

Water Temperature: 

low 30's through low 40's

Water Clarity:

Crystal clear most of the time.

Current Food Sources:

Midges | Baetis  | caddis larva | cranefly larva | golden stonefly nymphs | smaller fish, leeches, etc. |

Flies to Try:

Guides Choice Dozen $24.99


  TDJ Golden Stone size 8-14 | Pat's Rubber Legs Olive size 10-12 | K's Latex Caddis larva size 16-18  | Darth Baetis grey size 18-22 | Split Case BWO size 18-22 | Tungsten JuJu Baetis natural size 18-22 | Grey Dun RS2 size 18-22 | UV Midge black size 18-22 | Pegged Eggs


   | Parachute Adams size 12-22 |   | Parachute Extended Body BWO size 18-22 | Extended body BWO size 18-22 | Matthew's Sparkle Dun BWO  size 16-22 | I-Wan-E Dun BWO size 18-20 | CDC Morgan's Midge 18-22 | Umpqua Adult Midge Dark size 18-24 | Solitude midge Olive size 20-22 |


Baby Gonga tan, rainbow, and black | Big Gulp Sculpin black size 4 | Mini Loop Sculpin natural | Slump Buster black or natural size 4-6 | Pop's Bugger pearl/grizzly size 8 | Ishiwata's Articulated Snitch olive size 6 | Crystal Bugger white size 12 | Leeches in wine or black


guide tip of the week:

    Flows are near 120 CFS, and float fishing is over for the year.  However wade fishing at these flows can be nice. weather during the winter will have a big effect on aquatic insect activity.  Look to capitalize on hatches of midges, and potential winter Baetis during windows of milder weather ( temps in the mid 30's and above combined with low wind speeds).  Dry fly fishing can be good during a hatch, but if there are not many bugs hatching you will find us fishing a nymph rig in water with about 4' or more of depth.

recent media:

We love seeing and hearing about your outings as well. Send any fishing photos or stories  you want to share over to and we'll throw 'em up in the reports.

11/5/20: Wheels and Ben spent a day down in the canyon and reported baetis and midge hatches throughout the day.  Most of their fish were caught in the deeper runs using two or three splitshot.  

Hot flies: Gray Darth Baetis #20-22, Sunkist Baetis #18, Purple JUJU Baetis #20, Black RS2 #20


The views for the day

Tailwater browns never dissapoint

Wheel's rocking Jacob Lutz's custom artwork


Mid Summer....


Ben McCormick and Reed Ryan took a well deserved day off to fish the Canyon...



Reed drifts a Green Drake pattern through some water that looks promising for dry flies...


His drift produces...



Sue Dog approves...


Recent History:

Early May on the Lower Blue with our guide Mike Wallace.



Baetis nymphs and midge larva, staples of the Lower Blue.




Caddis Larva are also plentiful here.....




A look at the trail in. Almost snow free, but it is steeper than it looks!




The water is looking quite nice.



Sending one home.

1SloMo grnmnt fish.jpg

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