The Frying Pan is a beautiful tailwater below Ruedi Reservoir.  Ruedi contains mysis shrimp which end up in the river system via the dam release, and this provides trout downstream with a consistent high protein food source. There is also plentiful aquatic bug life, including a wide variety of midges, Baetis, small stoneflies, and caddis.  These conditions produce large trout, but also draw heavy angling crowds, so this is a technical fishery.  Light tippets, and small flies are often needed to fool fish here.



       The Frying Pan is flowing at about 350CFS which is high, but still very fishable.  The water clarity is good barring heavy precitation, and fish can be found in pockets of soft water along banks or in deeper back eddys, and seams.  Mysis Shrimp, and midges are the most productive food sources to imitate at the moment.  Blue Wing Olive hatches can also be productive during overcast days.