Nymphs To Try: 

Dries To Try:  


Streamers To Try: 




       High avalanche danger here, not much open water, fishing not reccomended.



       Winter weather patterns have moved into the area, and we should be seeing fairly consistent snow storms over the next month.  Fishing will start to slow down here as ice develops, but as of now 10 Mile creek is not a bad option.



       Weather has continued in a warm and mild trend, and ten mile is still very fishable.  A lightweight nymph rig with pegged eggs and midge larva/emergers is still a good bet here.  Small streamers can also do the trick in this stretch of water for the time being.  Please keep an eye out for active spawninig beds and do not fish near, or wade over them.



        Weather has continued in a wamer trend over the last week, so Ten Mile Creek is still a viable fishing option.  Nymphing with small emergers, or throwing small to medium streamers is still the best bet.  There could still be some spawning brown trout in this area so please be aware and do not disturb spawning activities.



       Flows are low and the water is getting cold, and has developed some ice in areas after the last cold spell.  However, the next few sunny, warmer days could see some more action here.  A nymph rig with small attractor patterns, and midge larva/emergers can often do the trick here.  Please be aware of brown trout spawning beds (redds), and do not fish over, or wade on them.



       Consistent winter weather is starting to set in, and the water is low and cold here, with some ice starting to develop.  However there are some lake run brown trout in the system, as well as smaller resident rainbows, brookies, and browns.  Most of the brown trout will be in full spawn mode, so please be ethical and dont target spawning fish.  Midges, eggs, and small fish are the main food sources here currently.  A light nymph rig, or small to medium sized streamers will be the best technique currently.



       We have been getting some below freezing daytime temps combined with snow recently, so terrestrial insects might not be on the menu for much longer.  A nymph rig, or dry flies imitating aquatic insects may be the best bet for now.  Pegged eggs and streamers could also be effective at this point time.



       Flows are low and the water is clear, with smaller insects like Blue Wing Olives, and Midges hatching.  These conditions will be spooky, so a light hopper dropper rig is a good technique, especially since there are still a few terrestrial insects that are active around our local streams.  Also keep in mind that brown trout do run up 10 mile creek from Dillon Reservoir, so be respectful and don’t fish on top of spawning beds.  Small streamers could potentially catch aggressive brown trout that are found feeding away from the Spawning beds (redds).



        Flows on Ten-Mile and other local creeks have dropped dramatically after a big water year, but fishing is good in the pocket water and riffles.  Yellow sallies and caddis are beginning to slow down with the change in weather, but baetis and midge are more prevalent as the temperatures drop. Small hoppers like the Amy’s Ant and Chubby Chernobyl in various colors are still working, while trailing an attractor nymph like a Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, and RS2 can be effective on small creeks this time of year.