Flows on Ten-Mile and other local creeks have dropped dramatically after a big water year, but fishing is good in the pocket water and riffles.  Yellow sallies and caddis are beginning to slow down with the change in weather, but baetis and midge are more prevalent as the temperatures drop. Small hoppers like the Amy’s Ant and Chubby Chernobyl in various colors are still working, while trailing an attractor nymph like a Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, and RS2 can be effective on small creeks this time of year.

Flies to Try: Chubby Chernobyl all colors Size 12-16, Amy’ Ant Size 10-12, Iron Sally Size 16-18, Tungsten Bead Soft Hackle Pheasant tails and Hare's Ears size 16-20, Sparkle Wing RS-2 size 18-22, Zebra Midge Size 18-20, Parachute Adams Size 18-22, Griffith's Gnat Size 18-22