Antero Reservoir is located in South Park, Colorado near by to the “Gold Medal” Spinney Reservoir, and it also has the right environmental conditions to produce “trophy trout”.  Shallow average water depth allows sunlight to boost plant, and invertebrate life, which supply trout with food.  However, Antero was mostly drained in 2016 to perform dam repairs. This resulted in the majority of fish population being transported to other bodies of water.  Since then about 1,000,000 trout have been stocked in Antero by the CPW.


Dries to Try: Parachute Adams size 12-18, Brook Sprouts Midge black or grey size 16-20, Renegade size 14-20

Nymphs To Try: Balanced Leach in wine/black, Duracell Jig Nymph in brown or olive, Tim's Chromie in black or olive, size 16 black Zebra Midge, worms patterns in wine purple or red

Streamers To Try:  Barely Legal olive/white, Double Gonga in brown trout or rainbow trout, Baby Gonga in black, Dungeon in black, olive, or natural, various leach patterns



       Sounds like Antero is frozen up for the winter.  Time for some ice fishing.



       Keep an eye out for cruising fish looking for high protien meals before things ice over for the winter. Baitfish, leaches, eggs, and aquatic worms are all viable food sources. If no cruisers are present consider fishing deeper with Leaches, attractor patterns, and Chironomid larva.



Callibaetis and Chironmids are still the main hatches here.... Worms, leaches,  and smaller fish are are also on the menu.  Trout have been found feeding over weed beds, and opportunisctly cruising for a meal.



Action on Antero is good but starting to shift into autumn conditions. Callibaetis and damsels are winding down but the chironomids remain on the menu. Leaches and worms can be a good bet in the fall, as well as a variety of streamer patterns to entice hungry trout bulking up for the winter months.


Still water is a good option at the moment if you are tired of fighting the high flows in most of the river systems at the moment. Antero is hit or miss at the moment, but some days are fishing well with large fish being landed.  Hatches are transitioning from chironomids, to Callibaetis and damsel flies. These hatches are normally more concentrated over shallower bays containing weed beds, so look to target cruising fish in these areas.  There are also reports of a few Tiger Musky being hooked, which where stocked a few years ago and are getting to be a decent size.  Also never discount leaches, baitfish, and worms when fishing this body of water.


Antero is open, and the fishing has been decent. Hatches have mainly consisted of Chironomids for the time being, expect Callibaetis, and Damsel Flies to hatch next as the water temps warm a bit.  Leach and worm patterns have been our best producers so far.



We are hearing rumors that Antero could open this weekend, but we cannot guaruntee anything.



According to Denver Water, Antero reservoir boat ramps will be open May1st.