Spinney Mountain Reservoir can be as about as good as it gets for the still water angler.  The conditions in Spinney Res. are perfect for producing and maintaining a healthy population of large trout (we are measuring in pounds here, not inches).  Spinney can be accessed by foot, or by water craft.  Wade fisherman and float tubers usually target inlet areas, the dam, and shallow bays.  Motorized crafts, and drift boats often work deeper channels.  Static nymphing and streamer stripping are the common fly fishing techniques employed here.  Scuds, Annelids, Chironomids, Damsel Flies, Callibaetis, crayfish, baitfish, and smaller trout are staple food sources of Spinney Res. 

Dries to Try: Parachute Adams size 12-18, Brook Sprouts Callibaetis size 14-16, CDC Biot Callibaetis Spinner size 14-16, various midge patterns size 16-20

Nymphs To Try: Balanced Leach in wine/olive, Balanced damse olive, Duracell Jig Nymph in brown or olive, Tim's Chromie in black or olive, Bubbas Callibaetis size 14-16, Rickard’s Callibaetis size 14-16, worms patterns in wine, purple, or red

Streamers To Try:  Barely Legal olive/white, Double Gonga in brown trout or rainbow trout, Baby Gonga in black, Dungeon in black, olive, or natural, various leach patterns



       Sounds like Spinney is frozen up for the winter.  Time for some ice fishing.



       Keep an eye out for cruising fish looking for high protien meals before things ice over for the winter. Baitfish, leaches, eggs, and aquatic worms are all viable food sources. If no cruisers are present consider fishing deeper with Leaches, attractor patterns, and Chironomid larva.



Spinney Mountain Reservoir is back open after entrance roads suffered flood damage in early september. Fish can still be found feeding over weed beds, and opportunisticly cruising for food.  Hatches are primarily Callibaetis and Chironomids at the time being, leaches, worms, and smaller fish are also food sources for large trout at the moment. 



Spinney Mtn State Park is closed untill further notice due to flash flood damage in the area.


Spinney is fishing fair to good, and you always have a chance at hooking into a beefy lake fed trout, or even a pike.  Hatches are transitioning from chironomids, to Callibaetis and damsel flies. These hatches are normally more concentrated over shallower bays containing weed beds, so look to target cruising fish in these areas. Leaches, baitfish, and worms are always important food sources in Spinney as well.



Spinney is open and fishing well. Chironomids have been the main hatch recently, but most of our fish have been taken on streamer, and worm patterns. Expect Callibaetis, and Damsels to start hatching as water temps warm bit.  Here is the latest report fresh off the water….  “Started at 9:15am 6 knots wind, got some early action fishing south end of the lake next to the dam.   Action with pink worm and black/olive leach 8’ -10’ off the points and bays. kinda slow but saw lots of fish, with some real big fish in the area cruising around feeding. finished at 1:45 pm water temp 50, clear visibility.”

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