Spinney Mountain Reservoir can be as about as good as it gets for the still water angler.  The conditions in Spinney Res. are perfect for producing and maintaining a healthy population of large trout (we are measuring in pounds here, not inches).  Spinney can be accessed by foot, or by water craft.  Wade fisherman and float tubers usually target inlet areas, the dam, and shallow bays.  Motorized crafts, and drift boats often work deeper channels.  Static nymphing and streamer stripping are the common fly fishing techniques employed here.  Scuds, Annelids, Chironomids, Damsel Flies, Callibaetis, crayfish, baitfish, and smaller trout are staple food sources of Spinney Res. 



7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. In store hours everyday!


Current Conditions:


water Storage (Acre Feet) 

About 85% Full 


Water Temperature (degrees F): 

High 50's through upper 60's.


Water Clarity:

typicaly 5' -  6' or better, heavy wind can muddy things up though.


Current Food Sources:

| leeches | worms | smaller fish | Chironomid Larva/pupa/adults | Callibaetis Nymphs/adults | Damsel Nymphs


Flies to Try:

Guides Choice Dozen $24.99



Chubby Chernobyl size 8-16 various colors | Parachute Adam's size 16-22 | Elk Hair Caddis size 12-16, olive, brown, or black | Extended body Callibaetis size 14-16 | CDC Morgan’s Midge size 18-22 | Solitude midge in olive, black, or cream size 18-24 | Extended body Callibaetis size 14-16 | Mosquito 14-16 | 



Balanced Leach in wine/black | Duracell Jig Nymph in brown or olive | Tim's Chromie in black, olive, or red size 16 | Rickard's Callibaetis nymph size 14-16 |JIG ZEBRA MIDGE SIZE 16-20 | worm patterns in wine, purple, or red |



  Barely Legal olive/white | Articulated Goldie | Baby Gonga in black | Dungeon in black, olive, or natural | various leach patterns |


guide tip of the week:

 Expect hatches of Chironomids, and Callibaetis, with other food sources available like damsel nymphs, worms, leeches, and small fish.  Concentrate on fishing aquatic insect imitations over top of weed beds, or try your luck at fishing deeper drop offs and contours. When the wind isn't howling (almost never) dry fly fishing can be very productive. Parachute Adams, Damsel Adults and the Horny Damsel can be fun to throw to some cruising sippers. 


Recent History:

mid may

Our Guide and local legend Trent Jones made a run to South Park, and wetted his lines in Spinney and Antero Reservoirs.  Here's what he had to say about the excursion....


Spinney may 10th: 

Fished off the dam because there where quite a few other anglers around the res, but it is actually one of my favorite spots so I wasn’t upset.  Landed five fish total, one was a decent 18incher, and all fish were hooked on a red chironomid size 16. I fished about ten feet off bank with a leech to a chironomid looking for any depression or rocks in the water. I started with my rig at about five feet deep to bottom bug, but switched to around 3 feet and started picking up fish. After landing a few I packed up and headed to Antero for some recon.


Recent Media:

The Drive to South Park never disspoints in terms of scenery.

drive to spinney.jpeg


Trusty side kick Womps helps spot cruising fish 

spinney and womps.JPG


 A solid Cuttbow, one of the nicer fish landed at Spinney this outing.  Hooked and landed on a size 16 Tim's Chromie in red.

spinney cuttbow.jpeg 



Recent History:

Shop owner Ben McCormick took a break from overhauling our online store to fish the South Park area with Harlan Kimball, and they hooked some nice cuttbows in the open water they could find.



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