guide-school.jpgColorado fly fishing guide school

We will be hosting our fall session October 6th- October 12th, 2019


For more info about our school, give us a call at 970-262-2878 or drop us an email at


Want to become a better angler with a fly, as well as have one of the best times of your life? Our school will greatly improve your angling skills and you'll have a blast while you improve as an angler. Do you want to learn how to row a raft down a western style river? We'll give you the tools to safely navigate Class 2+ rapids. Considering starting down the road to becoming a professional fly fishing guide? The Cutthroat Anglers Fly Fishing Guide School will provide a solid foundation to your possible future in the world of professional angling.


Our fly fishing guide school is an in-depth and thorough course covering all the skills needed to be a world class professional fly fishing guide. Topics covered include the finer points of wade guiding and drift boat guiding. Our team of seasoned fly fishing guide school instructors draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated from decades of guiding not only in the Rocky Mountains, but from guiding in more exotic destinations ranging from Alaska all the way to Patagonia.


Upon the successful completion and passing of our fly fishing guide school, you will possess the state required certifications to gain employment as a Colorado float fishing guide and/or seek opportunities to guide throughout the world. This course will give you a leg up on the competition for securing a job as a professional fly fishing guide.


 Drift Boat Certification • Walk and Wade Techniques • Drift Boat Fishing • Knots and Tackle • Aquatic Entomology • Fundamentals of Instruction • Client Services • Photography • CPR & First Aid certification is available as adjunct to the course. 



The guide school classes run 7 days, 10 - 12 hours a day, with a cost of $2,250 per person. A $1,000 deposit is required to hold your spot, with the balance due by the morning of the first day of class.


We provide the fishing and rowing instruction, boating equipment, life jackets, soft drinks/water and lunches. Fly fishing guide school students should be able to provide their own fishing equipment but we have some rental gear you may borrow for the week. Our fly shop sells all the flies that you will need but, if you are a fly tier, contact us for a list of flies that we typically use during our schools. Our students receive 20% off all gear we sell during their week of guide school.


Students need to have a valid fishing license (we sell fishing licenses at the shop). Class size is typically limited to 6 students, with a 2 student to 1 instructor ratio. 

Schedule For Guide School Attendees

Day 1

  • Fly Fishing Guide School Class Registration / Intro to Class

  • Fly Fishing Guides Mission Statement

  • Overview of Class and Overview of Cutthroat Anglers Fly Fishing Guiding Operation

  • First Aid CPR Certification

  • Casting Instruction

  • Proper Trailer Loading and Trailer Maintenance

Day 2

  • Fly Fishing Guides Dry Land Demonstration on Boating Equipment • Proper Fit and Types of PFDs

  • Safety Equipment/ First Aid and Emergency Equipment

  • Rigging of Dorys and Rafts

  • Fly Fishing Guide School Verbal Lesson on Boat maneuvering and Techniques

  • River Currents, Obstructions, Obstacles and Hazards

  • On Water Training • Oar Boat Training

  • White Water Classification • Scouting Rapids • Types and Causes of Rapids

  • Practical Fly Fishing Guide Experience with Rowing Techniques

Day 3

  • Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training

  • Fly Fishing Guides Initiation of Fly and Float Fishing Training

  • Knots, Tippet, Leader

  • Fishing Set Ups (Dry, Dbl Dry, Dry Drop, Nymph, Streamer, etc.)

  • Fly Fishing Guides Rowing Strategies for Fishing

  • Handling of Boat During Fish Fights

  • Netting, Handling and Proper Release of Clients Fish

  • Reading Water and Identifying Trout Lies

Day 4

  • Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training

  • Continuation of Fly and Float Fishing Training

  • Throw Bag Training 

  • Fly Fishing Guides Rescue Procedures

  • How to React in Adverse Boating Situations

  • Service and Professionalism

  • Lunch/Meals

  • Photography

  • Entomology and Fly Selection

Day 5

  • Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training

  • Continuation of Fly and Float Fishing Training

  • Re-enforcement of Techniques and Procedures Taught

  • Identifying Needs, Desires and Limitations of Clients

  • Fly Fishing Guides Client Relations

Day 6

  • Continuation of On Water Oar Boat Training

  • Completion of State Required Minimums for River Guide

  • Regulations and Laws for Fly Fishing Guides Governing the Operation of Commercial Guiding and Outfitting


Day 7

  • Fly Fishing River Guide Certification