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Eric Schoeny

Eric Schoeny was born and raised in Colorado.  Sometime during his childhood, the memory isn’t exactly clear, Eric and his best childhood friend decided they wanted to learn how to fly fish. So, like any good Coloradans, that’s what they did. By their late teenage years, and after several missteps, trials and errors, both were pretty fair fly anglers.


Eric is a bit older now. He has developed into one heck of an angler. Eric enjoys fishing for trout whenever he can. You’ll find him on the river most days. Even in the winter, when most folks are enjoying the slopes, Eric can often be found casting a tiny midge to a picky Colorado or Blue River trout.


Most folks describe “Schoeny” (no one really calls him “Eric") as a very laid back, personable guy that gets great satisfaction from helping others learn about fly fishing. If you aren’t a better angler after spending a day on the water with Schoeny, you weren’t listening.  Schoeny’s vast and varied fishing knowledge, coupled with his unusually patient personality, combine to make him an excellent guide.






Quick Facts:

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  • Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: wherever I can be dropping a line in the water

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage One, 9’ 6wt, Lamson Reels, Rio Grand Line

  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, West Virginia and British Columbia

  • When I’m Not Fishing I’m at Lake Dillon Tavern 

  • I love to fish Colorado because I was born and raised here and love this state