Quick Facts:

Grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis, active in sports, football and ultimate frisbee, only did some pond fishing in Missouri. Growing up, I visited Colorado twice a year to ski in the winter and hike and mountain bike in the summer. I moved out to Colorado to go to CU boulder for a degree in Environmental Studies and Atmospheric Science, where I started fly fishing. After graduating, I moved up to summit county to fish, ski, mountain bike, camp, and explore. I Started my own clothing company called “Unemployed Anglers” selling sweatshirts and tee shirts out of the back of my car. Each pocket is different fishing fabric and they are all hand made in my living room. I started with the Cutthroat Anglers team after I realized I could turn my new found passion into a lifelong career.

Your Name: Logan Gidday Originally From: St. Louis, Missouri

Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Colorado River by Parshall

Favorite Place on Earth: The Mountains

Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: TFO Mangrove with BVK Reel and Amplitude MPX line

Favorite Movie Quote: “May I have everyone’s attention! I have an urgent and horrifying news story…..CANNONBALL!!!!!!!!!!!”

Destinations Fished: Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Key West, Norway