Tyler O'Connor 1.jpgTyler was born and raised in this beautiful state all of us at Cutthroat Anglers call home. Ever since he picked up a fly rod he knew it was meant to be. Already being a big photographer, Tyler quickly learned that fly fishing and photography go hand in hand. As the saying goes, "trout don't live in ugly places". When not guiding, Tyler enjoys spending his days throwing big flies to big trout and taking pictures of the millions of stars that take over the sky once the sun goes down deep in the Rockies.


Originally From: Denver, Colorado

Favorite Local Fishing Spot: South Platte

Favorite Place on Earth: San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Radian(6wt), Hatch 5+

Favorite Movie Quote: "I'll Never Leave Montana Brother" A River Runs Through It

Destinations Fished: Mexico, South Carolina, Idaho, Wyoming