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There’s a reason that the people of Summit County have voted Cutthroat Anglers the “Best Fly Fishing Outfitter” for the last six years in a row — it’s because our guides are the very best in the Rockies. Put simply, we have a team full of true fishing folks, with the rivers of Colorado practically running through their veins. 


Our fly fishing guides work exclusively for Cutthroat Anglers, and each of them has unrivaled fishing experience and true dedication to the sport. However, we know that it’s not enough to love fishing to become a great guide. A great guide finds joy in teaching and sharing that knowledge with others. Our guides’ proudest moments aren’t reeling in fish of their own. Instead, they’re proudest watching a guest connect with a cast for the first time, floating with a long-time client turned friend, or helping a family learn to love the water for the first time. Whether you are a novice looking to learn the basics or a seasoned angler in search of new secrets, our guide staff will personally tailor an unforgettable fly fishing experience just for you.


With the ever-changing nature of the rivers in our area, there is only one way to stay up-to-date on everything that Colorado fly fishing has to offer, and that’s to always be on the water. As you read about each of our guide below, you’ll find that even when they aren’t guiding with us, they’ve always got a rod in their hands. 


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Cutthroat Staff Bios


Mitch Melichar

We think Mitch started guiding in Summit County before history was recorded on paper. Mitch’s exploits may have first appeared in Izaak Walton’s Complete Angler – a book first published in 1652 that contains the first known detailed text about fly fishing. While we cannot vouch for the fairy tale components of his past, we do know that Mitch has the local waters flowing through his veins.


Mitch fills his free time remodeling his house and playing in local hockey leagues. Mitch is known for his exceptional local fishing knowledge. At times, you will swear he is fluent in fish-jargon – a specialized vocabulary unique to his biorhythms and natural instincts of the trout. Couple that with a great personality and you will quickly understand why many of his repeat clients have tried to steal Mitch as their full-time, personal guide. 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Edina, MN 

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: It's a moving target. In a boat, floating down a river

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: G.Loomis 9' 6-weight GLX Classic, Lamson Lightspeed #3, Rio Grand WF6F

  • Destinations Fished: The Rockies (mostly Colorado, Idaho and Montana), Ireland, the Kvichak, the Naknek and the Alagnak in Alaska, the Bow River near Calgary, Turneffe Flats in Belize, Guanaja in Honduras, Dean River BC, White River in Arkansas, Louisiana (near Paris), various small streams in Minnesota and Wisconsin

  • When I’m Not Fishing I like to spend lots of time with my way better half, prepare and cook meals (with an appropriate cocktail, of course), work on my golf swing, tie flies and this aging boy of a man can fish again tomorrow!

  • I love to fish Colorado because of our access to so many rivers. From mid-February to mid-November, one of our rivers (or lakes) will very likely provide solid fishing action. And should I run into a tough day on the water? Hey, I just take a good look around, smile, and marvel


Reed Ryan

Reed might be one of those guys born with a fly rod in his hand. In fact, he was born while his parents were fly-fishing the Lammer River in Austria.  Reed grew up plying the waters of New England for striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore. He has since traveled across the globe in search of a tight line. Before arriving in Colorado, Reed guided expeditions in northern Canada for 7 years in pursuit of landlocked salmon, brook trout, and undiscovered canoe routes.  A career in ski patrolling brought him to our doorstep, and he has been a mainstay of our staff ever since. Reed’s professional approach to guiding pairs well with his lighthearted demeanor—you’ll swear you’re fishing with a friend of many years. 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Darien, CT

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Middle Colorado River

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: TFO BVK 5 wt, Ross Evolution, Rio Perception Line

  • Destinations Fished: Belize, Chile, Bahamas, Florida Keys, Montana, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Labrador, Quebec

  • When I’m Not Fishing I… spend winter ski patrolling. I also spend time with my wife, daughter, and neurotic black lab Sioux. 

  • I love to fish Colorado because…on any given day, there is an epic trip out there.



Jimi Omori

Known affectionately as “Jimi O” by friends in Summit County, Hajime Omori was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Jimi moved to Kremmling, Colorado in 1986 and became a professional fly fishing guide at Elktrout Lodge.

For the past 20+ years he has guided in Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. Jimi’s extensive knowledge of Western Fly Fishing combined with his easygoing demeanor and contagious smile always make for a great day on the water.

Jimi is also the inventor and owner of Ninja Strike Indicators. This innovative product provides convenience and flexibility for anglers fishing with nymphs. We are proud to sell these products in our shop or you can purchase them online at

Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Colorado River

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Rods/Ross Reels/Rio Line 

  • Destinations Fished: West in the US and Japan

  • When I’m Not Fishing I… enjoy spending time with my wife, Ryoko, and daughter, May.

  • I love to fish Colorado because Colorado has more versatility, from the small mountain creeks to the large floatable rivers that’s why I like Colorado!!



Adam Morgan

Mr. Morgan emerged from Kentucky, where he was raised as a whitewater enthusiast. His love for water served as a gateway into the world of fly fishing. At the age of 11, Adam picked up his first fly rod. The rest was history. Adam quickly developed an obsession with smallmouth bass on the fly, with tailwater trout fishing serving as a close second.


In 2007, Adam made the decision to turn his passion into a career by attending a fly fishing guide school in Montana. Adam landed a guide job with Cutthroat Anglers in the spring of 2009, and the move to Colorado was the catalyst of a serious problem- a true addiction to fly fishing. Lovingly known as "Captain Newjack," Adam is fueled by youthful enthusiasm and a genuine love for the sport of fly fishing. 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Lexington, KY

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Arkansas River

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott S4, Lamson Velocity, WF6F Rio GrandMovie 

  • Destinations Fished: Utah, Montana, Washington State, Colorado, East coast, Florida keys, Arizona, Costa Rica, Labrador, Oregon

  • When I’m Not Fishing I… float the Colorado.

  • I love to fish Colorado because it offers a variety of sections and a plethora of fish sizes 



Brandon Omahen

Brandon first began fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and in small lakes and streams across the Northeast at the age of 4. Growing up chasing everything from sunfish and perch to tuna he landed at Colorado College years later where he started his fly fishing career. He joined the Cutthroat Anglers team in 2010.

Always up for some exploring, he's constantly ready to fish new water. Brandon's relaxed and patient demeanor coupled with his sense of humor make him a great teacher and guide, and enjoyable to spend time with on the water..

Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Flanders, NJ

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The Colorado (but the Roaring Fork holds a special spot as well)

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage One, Lamson Guru with Rio Gold WF6F

  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, Belize, Alaska

  • When I’m Not Fishing I…  do avalanche control work at Winter Park Resort in the winter.

  • I love to fish Colorado because…I love the float fishing variety.


Allen Stretton

Born in Maryland, Allen grew up running a variety of the rivers throughout the mid-Atlantic states.  As soon as he realized the east coast was not for him, he headed west to Colorado. After a few misspent years working for the resorts of Summit County, Allen became a whitewater rafting guide and a passion for taking guests into the wild was born.  Later, a love of fly fishing and boating became a major driving influence in his life. All of which conspired to bring Allen to Cutthroat Anglers. Allen's boating mastery, years of fly fishing experience, rapier wit and local charm combine to make Allen one of our most requested guides.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Westminster, Maryland

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: any place the wife is willing to row the boat

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: G. Loomis NRX, Ross Evolution, Rio Grande

  • Destinations Fished: CO, WY, UT, NM, AZ, MT, AK, PA, MD, NY, MA, FL,ID  Mexico, Bahamas, Belize

  • When I’m Not Fishing I am playing with wood 

  • I love to fish Colorado because there is consistently excellent fishing year round. 



Matt Weiler

Matt "Wheels" Weiler grew up fishing on the Great Lakes of Wisconsin. He fished every day that the weather allowed.  As a young'un, Matt funded his passion for fishing with a paper route. When he was old enough for a “real job” he chose, shocker, the fishing guide and fly shop trades.


Matt is not only one of the top guides in Colorado; he is one of the most knowledgeable retail experts in the fly fishing business. It was after Matt moved to Colorado in 1994 that his passion for fishing grew into an obsession with fly fishing.


Matt loves to catch any fish with fins, from freshwater to saltwater and is obsessed with tarpon and redfish.  He has been fly fishing for almost 20 years and his strengths are his patience and knowledge of the area. The thing that he strives for on every trip is to have fun.  Little known fact, Matt is also smooth with the ladies.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The Colorado

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage X 5/6wt, Nautilus NV 5/6 with 5wt Rio Gold fly line

  • Destinations Fished: CO, WY, UT, ID, NM, TX 

  • When I’m Not Fishing... I am fishing 

  • I love to fish Colorado... because of big brown trout 



Chris Refakis

Chris grew up in south Texas within a family of hunters and sailors but he was always obsessed with fish. Beginning with a baited hook for flounder, then progressing to crankbaits for small-mouth bass, Chris first picked up a fly rod at the age of 16 to target bluegill in Crooked Lake, Indiana. Fast forward and Chris now has over 25 years of fly fishing experience throughout the Rocky Mountains. Most days, you can find Chris floating some stretch of the Colorado River looking for wild brown trout.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Colorado River

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage Method 6wt (for streamers) Scott G2 3wt (for small creeks), Many Reels, Rio Gold

  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Louisiana, South Dakota, Texas, Indiana, Michigan 

  • =When I’m Not Fishing I… am cheering for the Broncos

  • I love to fish Colorado because of the tremendous abundance, variety and quality of fishable water 



Matt Campanella

Matt developed his fly fishing skills early in life fishing the lakes, ponds, and rivers of upstate New York, Connecticut and Vermont. He cannot remember a time when fishing was not in his life.


His Mother is famous for telling everyone “He came out with a fishing pole in his hand.” In 1998, and hungry for bigger mountains to ski and new rivers to explore, he moved to Colorado and has been chasing our trout ever since.


“Colorado has twelve months of great fishing each year, that’s why I moved here.” If you fished well over 100 days a year for almost 20 years in Colorado and share a passion for catching fish every month of the year, then you'd be Matt Campanella!


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: “Fish” kill, NY

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: I can’t tell you, but there’s golden trout in there!

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: TFO BVK & Prism

  • Destinations Fished:California, Connecticut, Colorado, Kentucky, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming as well as a several international trips to La Lima River, Italy and Cabo San Lucas.

  • When I’m Not Fishing I…Eat, Sleep and dream of fishing.  Enjoying time with my wife, whether we are rafting or exploring Colorado in our RV, the trout are never far.

  • I love to fish Colorado because…it's home and it has taught me so many lessons. I've been exploring for 20+ years and every year I pull trout from new waters. Someday I'll fish it all and maybe, just maybe I'll move on to another state



Tim Joyce

Hunting whitetails and fishing for trout while growing up in the hills of West Virginia instilled in Mr. Joyce a lifelong love for the outdoors and appreciation for the beauty of game and fish. While learning how to fly fish at young age Tim didn’t really embrace the sport until moving to Colorado in the winter of 2007. He’s had his fly rods in his truck ready to go ever since!


>In 2015 Tim parted ways with the corporate world and set about his dream of becoming a guide by attending a hunting and fly fishing guide school in Montana. In May 2016 Tim completed Cutthroat Anglers Guide School and was offered a position on the guide staff, where he has been ever since. Tim’s passion for the sport of fly fishing is evident every time he is on the water. Whenever he is not fishing you will find him preparing for the upcoming hunting season or enjoying the snow covered slopes.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Vienna, WV

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Upper Colorado River

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage Pulse 6wt, Lamson – Force SL II, Rio Perception WF6F

  • Destinations Fished: Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Lake Erie, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia

  • When I’m Not Fishing I’m hunting 

  • I love to fish Colorado because trout don’t live in ugly places


Trent Jones

Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, Trent has been running around in the backcountry his whole life. At a young age he took up an interest in fishing and skiing. This has become the passion and driving factor in his life. From his work on the mountain as a ski coach to his summer job as a fly fishing guide, Trent’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is contagious. Trent has been with Cutthroat Anglers since 2015 and boasts one of the highest request rates on our staff. A day with Trent will be filled with laughs and fish! 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Frisco, CO 

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The  Blue River 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Rise Fishing/Cheeky/Cortland 

  • Destinations Fished: New Zealand, Alaska, WY, MT, Utah

  • When I’m Not Fishing I am skiing

  • I love to fish Colorado because big fish 


Charlie Schmidt

Rule one is to have fun! Whether you’re a beginner still self-conscious of tangles or an old pro who just needs knots and nets, Charlie is there to help and show you a great time. His relaxed teaching style and calm personality make him an excellent choice for all skill levels.    


Charlie was raised in Webster Groves Missouri west of St. Louis. At a very young age he was drawn to Nature and the beauty of Missouri’s forests, rivers and lakes. Both of Charlie’s grandfathers can be blamed for his initial addiction to fishing, but it wasn’t until moving to Fairplay, Colorado in the mid 90’s, that he received his formal education in Dry Fly Fishing from his father. Armed with his first fly rod at 14, fishing light dries in the high winds of Park County soon became a common pastime, and the spinning rod was left to gather dust.


After attending college in Durango, Charlie moved back to Summit County where he started work as a Dog Sledding Guide during the winters. It was here that he discovered he had a knack for teaching and working with people. This soon transcended into Fly Fish Guiding when he combined his passion of fishing and his ability to teach by joining the Cutthroat Angler crew in 2009. During Charlie’s time with Cutthroat he has created many popular flies including the TDJ Golden, TDJ Oprah, and the Chronic Caddis.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Webster Groves, Missouri

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Williams Fork River 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: G-Loomis High End Rods/Ross Evolution/ Rio Gold WF6W

  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Bahamas, and Wyoming, Vermont, Mexico, New Mexico.

  • When I’m Not Fishing I am dog sledding or golfing 

  • I love to fish Colorado because its home 



Mike Wallace

Mike grew up fishing for bass, crappie, and bream in Alabama and Mississippi with his dad and grandparents. At about 5 or 6, he learned the basic clinch knot from his grandmother. He started fishing professionally on charter boats in Destin, Florida at age 15.  He learned to catch everything in the Gulf of Mexico from inshore redfish and speckled trout to offshore blue marlin, dolphin, wahoo, and tuna. They also frequently fished for grouper, red snapper, amberjack, and triggerfish. 


Later, Mike worked on private yachts where he traveled to the Bahamas. They did everything from billfish tournaments to light tackle fishing for cobia, king mackerel, tarpon, bonefish and anything else that would bite. A few years later, in 2001, Mike’s dad brought a Fenwick 8wt fly rod on one of his visits from Alabama. This rod relit the fire and soon after, Mike scored a 5wt Sage outfit on sale and has been addicted to fly fishing ever since.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Destin, FL 

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Middle Blue River 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: TFO BBK 5 wt/Lamson Guru II/Rio Grand 

  • Destinations Fished: Wind River Wyoming, Galletin/Madison/Missouri in Montana, Florida, Cat Island Bahamas, Stanley and Samsons Key Bahamas, Palm Beach Coast Florida, Eleuthera Bahamas, Green River Utah, Provo River Utah 

  • When I’m Not Fishing I mountain bike, backcountry ski, rock climb, sit at the vice and drink beers 

  • I love to fish Colorado because the diversity of the rivers.  Each river has its own character 


Cam Carlson

Cam Carlson is a Colorado native who grew up playing all sorts of sports in the Frisco area.  He fell in love with fishing when he was 10 and discovered fly fishing in middle school when Mark Jones (Trent Jones father) took him fishing on the Blue River.  Cam spends his free time traveling and fishing through the Rocky Mountains and as far as New Zealand. Exploration is his passion and his great sense of humor, laid back style, and pure passion for fly fishing makes him a pleasure to be around.  


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Frisco, CO 

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Colorado River 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Risefishingco silent assassin, Ross Reels Animus, Rio Gold fly line

  • Destinations Fished: All over.... Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, New Zealand 

  • When I’m Not Fishing I am either laying concrete, playing hockey, skateboarding, snowboarding or golfing 

  • I love to fish Colorado because there is a wide variety of fisheries within a short driving distance 



John Spriggs

John Spriggs is a Colorado Native who grew up fishing the Gore, Eagle and Colorado rivers. His excitement and enthusiasm for fly fishing is infectious, and he enjoys sharing those special moments on the river with his clients. If you get to fish with John, you will feel like you are fishing with a good friend, even if you just met him for the first time. John's love for trout fishing has taken him from Montana to Alaska and many places in between, in search of those special moments. Book John for a trip today, you will not regret it!


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The Blue River 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Fly Rods/Lamson Guru II/Rio Gold 

  • Destinations Fished: MT, WY, OR, Alaska, British Columbia, WA  

  • When I’m Not Fishing I am skiing deep pow 

  • I love to fish Colorado because of the beautiful scenery, amazing fishing and Colorado is where I learned to fly fish 



Blake Montey

Blake is a Colorado native and has always had a fishing rod close by. He was given his first fly rod when he was 16 and was taught to fly fish by his Uncle James.


Over the years fishing has always seemed to be part of his life and travels. He’s been blessed with a wife and little boys that love fishing as much as he does. Their family trips often involve rafts, drift boats and fly rods. If you need to find him, he can often be found floating the Upper Colorado, one of his favorite spots ever.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Windsor, CO

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Just below Needle’s Eye 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: 5wt Sage VXP,Lamson Litespeed, Rio Gold 

  • Destinations Fished:  I love fishing in Colorado more than anywhere else. I have traveled to Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana, Iceland and Costa Rica on recent fishing trips.

  • When I’m Not Fishing I’m a dad, a full time firefighter and help my wife run her non-profit Steve’s Club Battle Ready 

  • I love to fish Colorado because I love float fishing the challenging rivers in Colorado


Michelle Huddleston

Michelle started fly fishing after buying a vacation home in Colorado in 2010. Fly fishing seemed like the thing to learn with a house by the Blue River. Once the rod was put in her hand she became “hooked” All free time was spent fishing and constantly learning new techniques and tricks of the sport. She started out fishing for bluegill and bass in Texas. Now living in Colorado full time she loves to fish tail waters and high mountain lakes and streams for trout. Also, the salmon run on the Gunnison has become new favorite. She recently retired from the business world so becoming a fishing guide was like going to “fantasy fish camp”. She now just wants to share the fun and her love of fly fishing! 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Clinton Reservoir

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: TFO BVK Rio Gold Line

  • Destinations Fished: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Florida, Belize, and Patagonia 

  • When I’m Not Fishing I ride my bike, travel (to fish) and work at Food Hedz

  • I love to fish Colorado because it’s better than Texas




Rosko made his way into the world of fly fishing by follow the sage advice, “if it feels good…do it.” He has quickly become an intensely focused fisher of flies and teller of tales. Even during the rare occurrence of fishless times, time spent with Rosko is considered a treat.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: 

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: 

  • Destinations Fished:

  • When I’m Not Fishing I…

  • I love to fish Colorado because  


Jared Hawn

Jared started fishing before he could remember, with his grandpa "Chick's" Zebco 33 on the lakes and rivers of Iowa. He soon moved into the fly rod and was hooking panfish and trout on the rivers of Northeast Iowa. After time moved onto bigger things like pike. At the young age of 10, Jared's mom dropped a log on his head and he somehow retained the ability to cast and fish. Jared moved Summit County Colorado in 1991 and up to Jackson Hole Wyoming then back again to Colorado in 1996. 


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Des Moines, IA 

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The Colorado and Taylor River 

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Flex 9 ft 6 weight, Lamson Guru II, Scientific Anglers Amplitude 

  • Destinations Fished: Italy, Austria, France, St. Thomas, Cozumel, Canada, Lake McConaughy Nebraska, Lake Vermillion Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Iowa, Idaho 

  • When I’m Not Fishing I’m tying flies, tuning skis and cooking

  • I love to fish Colorado because John Denver plays in my head when I’m fishing


Kory Lewis

Kory, a Colorado native, was raised in Golden with fish slime running through his veins. He started fishing as far back as he can remember, as soon as he could walk and hold a fishin’ pole he's been trying to get his hands slimy. His grandparents own a Laundromat and dry cleaner in Golden next to Clear Creek, giving him plenty of opportunities to fish when school was out in the summer. His father taught him how to fly fish on Lions Park pond by the rec center when he was 6, but Kory’s current passion for fly fishing didn’t come until later in his life. After Kory gained his driving license, he started traveling this great state. North to south, east to west, he used both spin and fly gear to catch as many Colorado fish species as he could. Kory is definitely a well-rounded angler and has most freshwater species under his belt. It would be easier to list the fish in Colorado he hasn't caught then the ones he has.  These days, Kory spends most of his time waving a fly rod but he is still an accomplished spin angler.


During the winter months you won’t find Kory on the ski slopes with the rest of our guides. If he’s not working in our shop, he will most likely be found on one of several lakes that allow ice fishing or fly fishing an ice-free river. Whether sitting in a warm hut, or working in our fly shop giving helpful advice, Kory has always enjoyed teaching friends how to fish. Why not stop by the shop, make a new friend (or two) and join Kory out on the water!


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Golden, CO

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: which ever has my line in it

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: GLoomis NRX/Ross Evolution LTX/Rio In Touch Perception 

  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa(Mississippi River), Wyoming, Utah, California, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Idaho, Montana   

  • When I’m Not Fishing I am sleeping or working 

  • I love to fish Colorado because there are a lot of different fish species, variety of locations, warm water and cold water, and the option to fish at drastically different different altitudes


Eric Schoeny

Eric Schoeny was born and raised in Colorado.  Sometime during his childhood, the memory isn’t exactly clear, Eric and his best childhood friend decided they wanted to learn how to fly fish. So, like any good Coloradans, that’s what they did. By their late teenage years, and after several missteps, trials and errors, both were pretty fair fly anglers.


Eric is a bit older now. He has developed into one heck of an angler. Eric enjoys fishing for trout whenever he can. You’ll find him on the river most days. Even in the winter, when most folks are enjoying the slopes, Eric can often be found casting a tiny midge to a picky Colorado or Blue River trout.


Most folks describe “Schoeny” (no one really calls him “Eric") as a very laid back, personable guy that gets great satisfaction from helping others learn about fly fishing. If you aren’t a better angler after spending a day on the water with Schoeny, you weren’t listening.  Schoeny’s vast and varied fishing knowledge, coupled with his unusually patient personality, combine to make him an excellent guide.


Quick Facts:

  • Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: wherever I can be dropping a line in the water

  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage One, 9’ 6wt, Lamson Reels, Rio Grand Line

  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, West Virginia and British Columbia

  • When I’m Not Fishing I’m at Lake Dillon Tavern 

  • I love to fish Colorado because I was born and raised here and love this state