Ben McCormick




Ben grew up in Southern Indiana and spent most of his young years exploring on a canoe fishing for bass, carp and pan fish.  It wasn’t until moving to Colorado 6 years ago that Ben discovered his love for fly fishing.  Prior to joining Cutthroat Anglers, Ben built consolidated business offices for large health systems across the country.  After traveling on a plane 100 times a year for 10 years, he decided to call it quits and pursue a life revolving around fly fishing and the outdoors. Ben’s love for fly fishing and excitement to be involved in the industry brings some fresh energy to our group.


Quick Facts:

Hometown: Columbus, IN

Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The Blue River

Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Winston Alpha 6 wt and Air 5 wt,  Abel SDF Reel, Rio Perception Line

Destinations Fished: Belize, Bahamas, Florida Keys, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Argentina, British Columbia  

When I’m Not Fishing I am camping, skiing, road tripping and beer drinking 

I love to fish Colorado because I grew up in the cornfields of Indiana.  Every day out on the water here still feels like a vacation