Waters we guide

A dry, and warm spring combined with a low snowpack this winter are producing river flows below the historic average for most streams and rivers.  The fishing has remained good however, and it seems the lower CFS in a lot of the river systems has been producing heavier hatches of aquatic insects than we often see.  Dry fly, and “dry-dropper” techniques have been good techniques to use as a result.  Give us call to book a trip, or get freshly squeezed fishing reports!

***  Please Keep in mind that water temperatures above 65 degrees can be unhealthy for the trout population, especially when they are being caught and handled.  It is in good catch and release fishing etiquette to carry a thermometer in order to keep yourself informed on the water temperature.  If you do see temps above 65 degrees be sure to try and land fish quickly, and keep them in the water at all times.  If water temps get to 70 degrees or above it is a good idea t take a break from fishing all together.  However, as nights are getting colder, and we start to get into “monsoon season” high water temps should start to become a non issue.***

Other Local Water

Because we do not guide on the following rivers, we cannot give the same detailed information that you find for the Water We Guide On. However, the streamflows are continuously updated, and we've done our best to give you a general idea of what to expect on these waters for this time of year.