The Lower Blue below Green Mountain Reservoir is a great stretch of public water.  It is technically a "tailwater" flowing out of GMR, but it fishes more like a freestone river on some days.  There is healthy and diverse population of aquatic bug life, this keeps the Gold Medal trout population well fed.  The Lower Blue is fishable both by foot and river craft at certain river flows.  call the shop for the most current conditions.  

*The Lower Blue is not avaible for any type of commercial guiding, and no shuttle services are offered for this piece of water.*



       The Lower Blue is currently flowing about 1700CFS, which is very high for this stretch of water.   Floating this stretch of water is currently impossible due to bridges over the river with low, or no clearance.
       If you are wade fishing below Green Mountain Reservoir look any soft water you can find, and use large attractor nymphs, in combination with smaller mayfly and caddis imitations.



The Lower Blue is currently holding close to 1,100 CFS.  These flows are not optimal for wade fishing or float fishing, but both are technically possible at this point in time.  It is not advisable to float this stretch unless you are an EXPERT oarsman, and very familair with the rapids, pour overs, bridges, and other obstructions that are present here.  Golden Stonefly nypmhs, Blue Wing Olives, caddis larva, midges, worms, and baitfish are all viable food options at the moment.  




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