The Blue River to the north of Silverthorne to Green Mountain Reservoir is fishing fair.  Currently about 100 CFS of water is being released into the Blue River from Dillon Reservoir, which is the “average” winter flow for the Blue.  As more snow melts from the mountains, more water will be released from Dillon Reservoir until we start to see high “spring run-off” flows in the Middle Blue.  While high water can be tricky to read and fish, it helps to spread out some of the infamous trophy trout that hide in both private property, and Green Mountain Reservoir.  Don’t expect to catch large number of trout, or easy fishing, but keep in mind that run-off is a good opportunity to hook into large trout on the Middle Blue.  

We are currently experiencing off color water in the afternoons on warmer days.  This is a good time to try worms, eggs, streamers, and larger nymphs.

Nymphs To Try: Size 10-16 Golden Stonefly imitations, 16-18 Tungsten Yellow Sallies, size 8-10 Crane Fly Larva, Pheasant Tails and Hare's Ears of all sizes and varieties, size 18-22 midge larva, midge emergers, pegged and yarn style eggs, pink or purple Gummy Worms, Two-Bit Hookers in red,black, and olive size 16-18, streamers imitating sculpin, leeches, and small trout. 

Dries To Try: Not much dry fly action yet.


While we do not wish to alarm anyone, please be aware that mountain lion signs are now fairly common on the lower river just above Green Mountain Reservoir. This area is often called Palmer's Gulch and the Blue River SWA.

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