Nymphs To Try: Size 16-18 Tungsten Yellow Sallies or Iron Sallies, Size18-20 Standard or Bead Head Pheasant Tails and Hare's Ears, size 18-22 Pure Midges in black or red, size 18-22 Black Beauty Emergers, size 18-22 Juju Midges in zebra, black and red, pegged and yarn style eggs, pink or purple Gummy Worms. size 18 2-Bit Hookers in red or black, and size 8-12 Pat's Rubberlegs.


Dries To Try: Size 18-24 Parachute Adams, size 18-22 Gulper Specials and size 18-22 Blue Wing Olive Comparaduns or Sparkleduns.


The Blue River to the north of Silverthorne to Green Mountain Reservoir has been fishing fair. Both brown trout and rainbow trout are being caught. The brown trout are doing their spawning thing so watch out for the Redds. Look to find feeding rainbows (and browns) below the shiny patches of river bottom (i.e. Redds) where the browns are reproducing. A few big browns have moved into the system from Green Mountain Reservoir. We have only seen a few Kokanee Salmon this year in the river.

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