The Colorado River Between the towns of Kremmling, CO and Parshall, CO offers several public fishing access along U.S. Route 40.  The river gradient is fairly mellow through out this section, and offers slow runs, gentle riffles, and deeper holes.   This water is excellent for both nymph, and dry fly fishing.  If you don’t see risers, then fish nymphs. Since this water is a little slower, and shallow in spots, a heavy rig is not usually needed.  



It seems that the flows on the Colorado River near Parshall may have peaked out around the 900 CFS mark, and are now back down around 400 CFS.  There is a slight stain on the water, but clarity is just about perfect for fishing.   We are seeing Baetis, Caddis, and midges hatching currently.  Also, Salmonfly nymphs are active along the banks, with reports of a few adults being sighted.



the CFS of the Colorado River near parshall has nearly doubled in the past week mainly due to run off from higher elevations. This means less visibilty, and trout that are feeding less as they figure out new lies in the higher water.  The same bugs still apply from the 5/6 update, with more of an emphasis on streamers, eggs, and worms.

Keep in mind that day time temperatures are getting high this next week, and we should start seeing heavier run off from high elevation snow.  River flows will rise and some areas may become off color, although the Colorado near Parshall usually maintains decent clarity.  Midges and Blue Wing Olive’s have been hatching throughout this section of river, and there has been talk of a few caddis too.  Stonefly Nymphs are active as well, providing trout with the opportunity to feed.  We have been hooking fish with a medium to light weight nymph rig, consisting of a stonefly anchor, followed by midge, and Blue Wing Olive trailers.  We are finding trout holding in a variety of water types, so vary your indicator depth often, and hit all the avaible spots.

Nymphs to Try: Black, brown, or olive Pat’s Rubber Legs size 8-12, Bitch Creek size 6 - 10, Wired Stonefly Nymphs size 10-16, TDJ Golden Stone size 14-16, Darth Baetis size 18-20,  black BLM size 18-20, olive Shot Glass Baetis size 18-20, The Whoopie (CDC tung bea Hare's Ear) size 14-18, Gold Bead Caddis Pupa size14-18, Chronic Caddis size 14-16, grey Bling Midge size 18, Chocolate Foam Wing size 18  

Dries To Try: Parachute Extended Body BWO size 18-20, olive Matthews Sparkle Dun size 18-20, Morgan's Midge size 18-22, Elk Hair Caddis, Spotlight Caddis Emerger, Orange Stimulator size 8 -12.

Streamers To Try: Sculpzilla orange size 4, black wooly buggers size 4 - 6, black or orange Slump Busters size 4-6