Nymphs To Try: Size 8-12 Pat’s Rubberlegs, size 18-22 Double Down Pheasant Tails, size 18-22 WD-40’s on black or gray, size 20-22 Pure Midges in black or olive, size 20-22 Juju Baetis or Barr’s BWO Emergers, and yarn or pegged eggs.

Dries To Try: Size 18-22 Parachute Adams in gray or purple, size 18-22 Brook’s Sprout Midges in gray, cream or black and size 20-22 Extended Body BWO’s.

Streamers To Try: Barely Legals, Pop’s Bugger in black and orange, Bead Head Rubberleg Buggers in black or olive, Sex Dungeons in rust or black and Super Buggers in black or olive.

The float fishing is slowing down but still productive, especially when the fish are interested in eating (or chasing away) our streamers that are invading their areas of reproduction. Please be respectful and not fish to trout that are on the clean looking gravel areas (i.e. Redds) of the river. These areas are where the browns are trying to reproduce.

Wade fishing can be very productive as the brown trout are rather bunched up for their spawn and the rainbows (and browns) are nearby hoping to eat some eggs. Please be careful not to tread upon the Redds, or to fish to trout paired up on these areas of clean, almost shiny river bottom.

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