Nymphs To Try: Size 8-12 Pat’s Rubberlegs, size 18-22 Pheasant Tails in natural and in black, size 18-22 WD-40’s in black or gray, size 20-22 Pure Midges and thread Midges in black or olive, size 20-22 tungsten purple Juju Baetis or Barr’s BWO Emergers, and yarn or pegged eggs.

Dries To Try: Size 18-22 Parachute Adams in gray or purple, size 18-22 Brook’s Sprout Midges in gray, cream or black and size 20-22 Extended Body BWO’s.

Streamers To Try: Barely Legals, Pop’s Bugger in black and orange, Bead Head Rubberleg Buggers in black or olive, Sex Dungeons in rust or black and Super Buggers in black or olive.


The river is essentially ice free and the fishing is surprisingly good for this time of year. It's been all nymphing for us but we have seen a few fish rise on the warmer days and afternoons. The river is still prone to developing slush after a few nights that hug the zero degree mark. Even so, most days the slush disappears by early afternoon. Expect the fishing to do nothing but improve in the weeks ahead. 

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