The Colorado River at Pumphouse Recreation Area offers miles of water for the wade fisherman, as well as several boat ramps for float fishing access.  The wade fisherman will find slower water with a few braided sections below the boat ramps, and faster pocket water upstream into the Gore Canyon. Camping is also available at Pumhouse Recreation Area.  Our go to set up for this area is a triple nymph rig, or a hopper with a few nypmhs dropped off the back.  However, the angler that keeps a close eye on the water can be presented with  rising fish if the conditions are right.  The Colorado is primarily a freestone river, and it hosts a large variety of aquatic insects, including several species of stonefly, Blue Wing Olive Mayflies, PMD’s, Green Drakes, Rusty Spinners, Trico’s, caddis, and many more.  


Nymphs to Try: Biot golden Stonefly, black, olive, and brown Pat’s Rubber Legs size 8 - 14, Pheasant Tails 12-18, Hare's Ear size 12-18, black Two-Bit-Hooker size 16-18, Master Windu Valdez purple size 18, Tungsten Pyscho Baetis black size 20, Zebra Midge black size 16-22, Killer May Fly black size 20-22, red or purple Ju-Ju Baetis size 18-22, grey Foam Wing Emerger size 18-22

Streamers To Try: white, black, or olive Sex Dungeons, olive/white Barely Legal, tan Home Invader, Sculpzilla sunrise size 4, black or white Wooly Bugger size 4-6, olive Sparkle Minnow, Thin Mint, Baby Gonga in Rainbow or Brown Trout theme Bead Head Mini Leach.

Dries To Try:  Matthew's Spakle Dun olive size 20-22, Parachute Adams size 16-22, Extended Body Blue Wing Olive size 18-22, Brook Sprouts Midge grey size 18-22, CDC Morgan's Midge size 18-22



       Pumphouse has thawed out nicely, both the banks and the boatramps.  However you can still find some treacherous ice if you head very far up the Gore Canyon.  Stoneflies, Baetis, Midges, eggs, baitfish/leeches, and worms have all been on the menu.  Trout have been holding in a combination of winter and spring lies, including anything from slow tail-outs to the head of the riffle.  There is both float and wade fishing available in the area at this time.



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