The Middle Fork of the South Platte River offers several stretches of public wade fishing access between the towns of Alma, Fairplay, and Hartsel, CO.  The Middle Fork is a meandering meadow stream, featuring cut banks, riffles, and deep pools.  This can be great dry fly, or dry-dropper water during the warmer months. During colder months, or during high water try hitting the deeper pools and cut banks with nymphs and streamers.  Aquatic bug life is plentiful in the Middle Fork, and includes Baetis, PMD’s, Tricos, drakes, golden stone flies, multiple species of caddis, and more.  Another thing to keep in mind is the large number of terrestrial insects that live in the meadows, and pasture surrounding the Middle Fork.


The flow of the Middle Fork has just about doubled this week, both from run off in feeder creeks, as well as a substantial increase in CFS coming out of Montgomery Reservoir.  The Middle Fork can fish very well between 100-200 CFS (which it is approaching), just be on the look out for muddy water as we see more natural run off from snow melt.  If you see off color water medium sized streamers can be effectively bounced along cut banks.   Due to the large number of actual worms that are washed in from the surrounding meadows, pink Squirmy Worms can also fish very well during high water on the Middle Fork. Expect Baetis, and caddis to be hatching at this time of year, followed by some golden stones.  Fish patterns to imitate these bugs if the water has decent clarity.

Nymphs To Try:  TDJ Golden Stone size 14-16, Tungsten Yellow Sally size 14-18, Nitro Caddis size 14-16, Gold Bead Caddis Pupa olive size 14-18, Sparkle Wing RS2 size 18-20, ninja size 18-20, Flashback Pheasant Tails size 12-20, worms, eggs.

Streamers to try:  Slump Busters in black, olive, and white.  Meat Whistles in black, olive, and white

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