Muddy Creek is a short but sweet tail water, flowing from Wolford Mountain Reservoir to its confluence with the Colorado River near the town of Kremmling. Public wade fishing access is available directly below Wolford Mountain Dam, or from a BLM road called Skyline Drive, just north of Kremmling.  The private strecthes of Muddy Creek contain trophy sized Brown Trout which can be caught when they venture out of the protected stretches they dwell in.  Along with trophy trout, Muddy Creek boasts the most award winning population of mosquitos just about anywhere in the United Sates.  Seriously anybody who has fished Muddy during peak mosquito season will tell you it is worse than interior Alaska.  Cover up, and wear bug nets if you plan to fish Muddy during mosquito season!

       Despite its name Muddy Creek is normally very clear, and spooky.  Use stealth when approaching the water, and keep your eyes open for sneaky trout.  Small dries and emergers, or light weight nymphs are normally the best approach to fish Muddy Creek.  Small to medium streamers can also be productive, especially during higher flows.


Nypmhs To Try: pink Squirmy Worm size 16, C.D.C. Tungsten Hare's Ear size 16-18, Natural Pheasant Tail size 18-22, Mercury Pheasant Tails size 18-22, RS2 black size 18-22, RS2 olive size 18-22, Soft Hackel biot BWO 18-20, Zebra Midge black size 18-22, , Ninja size 18-20,  Smith's Tid bit size 20-22, Chocolate Thunder size 20-24, Jaun's Flux Capacitor red size 18-24, Desert Storm red or charteuse size 20-24, red Rojo Midge size 18-22

Dries To Try:  Griffin's Gnat size 18-22, Purple Haze size 18-22, Parachute Adams size 18-22, soft hackel biot emergers in olive, grey, and black, Sparkle Wing RS2 grey, Brook Sprouts Midge size 18-22 various colors

Streamers To Try: Small leeches in black, olive, and wine.  Crayfish patterns such as Meat Whistles in rust, or black. Small Brown, or Rainbow trout themed patterns.



       Muddy Creek is starting to get a bit high for its small size at about 350CFS.   The good news is the water is being spilled over the top of the dam, which results in slightly higher water temps, and therefore more hatches of aquatic insects.  Look for hatches of caddis, Baetis, and midges in the near future.  Keep in mind that mosquito season is also upon us, so bring long clothing, DEET, and bug nets!


Muddy Creek is on the rise, and at about 100 CFS it is much more conducive to fishing then its normal spooky winter flows.  The tailwater directly below Wolford Dam is easily accessible, while County Road 227 is still closed, making for a long hike into the middle public section at this time.  Midge Larva and mergers will be the number one food source at this time, and are best fished on a light weight nymph rig or behind a dry fly.  Golden Stonefly nymphs, Caddis larva, and Beatis nymphs are becoming more active as well, and will become more prevalent in the trouts diet.


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