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Alaskan Fly Fishing Trip


Join Cutthroat Anglers at the Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge


September 21 - 27, 2014


Fishing with bears is almost an everyday experience in Alaska

Mitch and Jim (dressed up like a brown bear in the background) on the Little Ku in 2011


A destination trip with Cutthroat Anglers to Alaska is a trip of a lifetime


If Alaska has been on your bucket list, this is the trip for you. And, we’ll timing it right for Trophy Rainbows. While you can also expect to cast to Grayling and Dolly Varden, it’s really the 'bows that attract anglers at this time of the year who yearn for that Rainbow of a lifetime.  With over 125 different fishing lodges in Alaska, and the variations in fisheries that occur over the short Alaska fishing season, the choice of destination and timing can be difficult. Not to worry - this is not our first rodeo and we are here to help you every step of the way. We’ve picked a location that is within Alaska’s only designated "Trophy Rainbow Trout" area. Plus, the first-class accommodations of the Bear Trail Lodge sit right beside the Naknek River, named the #1 Rainbow Trout river in Alaska by Fish Alaska magazine. If that’s not enough, fly outs are included in the package to 18 different rivers within the Bristol Bay watershed... many of them within a short 20 minute flight of the lodge. All of this puts you in the best position to experience all that Alaskan fishing has to offer.


This is definitely not the animal you will see on your destination trip to Alaska with Cutthroat Anglers 


RATES: Our friends at Bear Trail Lodge have offered special 2014 rates to Cutthroat Anglers' guests for 6 nights lodging and 6 days of fishing at $6525.00 (regular rate is $7715.00), plus fishing license. 3-, 4- and 7-day packages are also available. Details regarding those options can be found at


The following are included in the price:


  • Fly outs
  • R/T Airfare (Anchorage – King Salmon)
  • 1 guide for every 2 clients
  • Gear
  • Meals, beer, wine
  • Cabins with private baths
  • Daily maid service
  • Preparation of salmon for shipment home.


Big rainbows are plentiful in Alaska

RESERVATIONS: Reservations can be made by payment of 50% of the applicable rate and bed tax to Cutthroat Anglers. The balance of the payment is due at least 60 days prior to scheduled arrival.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE to another year. Deposits will be refunded if lodge is able to rebook your trip, less a $500 cancellation fee for cancellations that happen outside of 60 days prior to your trip start date. There are no refunds for trips cancelled inside of 60 days from your scheduled trip start date. It is strongly recommended that you purchase Trip Insurance for your trip to the lodge. However, guests are encouraged to fully understand the coverage of such policies, which may be quite limited. There are no refunds for missed days due to weather, flight delays or other events out of the lodge’s control.


TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Your experience will begin as you depart Anchorage around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, September 21 to arrive at the lodge via flight arrangements to King Salmon. You will be able to fish Monday through Saturday, September 27, when you’ll prepare for a 6:30-7:30 p.m. return trip to Anchorage. (Schedules may change a bit but we’ll get you home!) ROUND TRIP AIR TRAVEL BETWEEN ANCHORAGE AND KING SALMON  IS INCLUDED IN COST OF THE TRIP.


Guests should make flight and hotel reservations as soon as possible. Alaska Airlines, Delta, Northwest, and United all fly to Anchorage but the summer flights fill up quickly.


If you choose to arrive into Anchorage the night before your trip, the following are some hotel recommendations:


Some hotel options near the airport:

  • Millennium Alaska Hotel, 800-544-0553
  • Microtel, 888-771-7171
  • Courtyard by Marriot, 877-729-0197
  • Holiday Inn Express, 907-248-8848


Some hotels downtown near shops and restaurants are:

  • Hotel Captain Cook, 907-276-6000
  • Hilton, 907-272-7411
  • Sheraton, 800-478-8700


If you are arriving in Anchorage the night before your trip to the lodge or staying in Anchorage afterwards, these are some favored restaurants:


  • Simon & Seafort’s, 420 L Street, downtown steak & seafood with nice view of Cook Inlet, (907) 274-3502
  • Sullivan’s Steakhouse, 5th Avenue Mall, downtown, (907) 258-2882
  • Dish Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 639 W International Airport Rd, near airport, (907) 562-1275
  • Kincaid Grill, 6700 Jewel Lake Rd, near airport, fresh seafood and specialty meats, (907) 243-0507
  • Jen’s Restaurant & Wine Bar, 701 W 36th, near airport, fresh local fare, wine bar and charismatic owner, (907) 561-5367.


WHAT CLOTHING TO BRING: The dress around the lodge is very casual and comfortable. You will want to bring comfortable clothes to wear around the lodge (jeans, sweatshirts, polo shirts, etc.). The lodge has a policy that guests do not wear boots or "outside" shoes inside the lodge. Therefore, guests have found it nice to leave a pair of slippers or comfortable "lodge" shoes to keep inside the main lodge.


The main lodge is heated and is very comfortable. Each cabin is also heated, with hot and cold running water and is complete with bedding supplies, towels, and washcloths. There is also a hot tub at the lodge, so you might wish to bring a swimsuit.


Each guest may supply their own waders; the lodge also has a small number of waders on hand for those who prefer not to pack theirs. Please let us know in advance if you will need waders and your shoe size so we can be sure to have them on hand when you arrive. If you bring your own waders, boots with spikes are not allowed. The boot fit or stocking foot with boots, breathable waders are the type that works best.


The weather in the Bristol Bay region changes dramatically from day to day. Be prepared to dress in layers. It may be cold on the river in the morning, yet warm in the afternoon. July and August are the warmest months with high temperatures averaging between 65-75 degrees. Bring long underwear such as a thermocline base layer, a fleece jacket or pullover and be prepared for rain with a good rain jacket. A light down jacket or vest is nice in the early mornings. Wool socks are great. Bring a hat, polarized sunglasses, and gloves. It is also wise to bring sunscreen and lip balm. There will be plenty of bug spray at the lodge for you to use.


FISHING EQUIPMENT AND TACKLE: The lodge automatically plans to provide all of the necessary fishing equipment, with the exception of your waders & boots. That means they will supply you with rods, reels, tackle, flies, etc. The following fishing equipment list is provided for those of you who want to bring your own rods, reels, and flies. You are certainly welcome to bring your equipment if you wish, especially that secret lure or fly that has worked so well for you in the past! Here is a list of what to bring if you would like to outfit yourself:


Fly Fishing

A 6-weight and an 8-weight rod with floating line and a spare spool that has a 225 or 250 grain sink tip line. Bring a pair of forceps, small scissors, flexible tape measure and snips. You should bring either 9-foot tapered leader systems or the material to create them. The leaders should start with 30-pound test and taper to about 9 pounds fluorocarbon. Tippet material should be in the 0X-4X class.


For Rainbow Trout fishing your fly box should include a variety of glow bugs, beads, egg patterns, black or purple egg sucking leaches, flesh flies, olive or black sculpins and black or purple wooly buggers. Everything except the glow bugs should be size #2, #4 or #6. The glow bugs should be #6 or #8. You should also bring a supply of spare size single "egg" hooks, glow bug yarn and BB size split shot. Your box should also include a variety of nymphs in size #12 to #18.


For Silver Salmon, you should bring the following all weighted: chartreuse everglow, anything purple, orange, red or black with a lot of marabou and flash. For Sockeye Salmon, bring Montana brassy and Coho streamers.


Spin Fishing

Bring a medium-size rod and reel with a capacity of about 200 yards for 12-pound test line. You should also have a spare spool for your reel. Bring plenty of snap swivels, barrel swivels and split shot #5 and #7. You should also bring a small knife or snips and a good pair of pliers. If you are fishing for Rainbows, you will want #35 and #25 hot shots in various colors, #3, #4 and #5 Canadian Wonders and small spin-n-glo set ups with hooks. For Silver Salmon, 7/8 oz and ½ oz pixies, #5 Canadian Wonders, #5 Coyotes and ¾ oz black or red marabou jig.


ALCOHOL: The lodge will supply wine and beer, but you are welcome to bring any hard liquor with you if you choose. 

LAUNDRY: We have a washer and drier at the lodge that you can make use of so do not over pack.


THE SETTING: It is very important to choose a lodge that is able to provide trophy fishing opportunities everyday of the season. The Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge has the best of both worlds. The fishing is excellent on their "Home" river and we are very close to many "Fly-out rivers."  Many times throughout the season, especially when targeting big rainbow Trout, the Naknek is the river of choice to be on. But, throughout the Bristol Bay / Lake Iliamna area there are tremendous fishing opportunities and we want our guests to have the chance to see and experience the flavor of this great area. With that in mind, our program incorporates fly outs to take guests to different rivers throughout the area to fish for salmon, Arctic Char, and rainbow Trout. Our central location makes many of the remote streams very accessible and only a short flight away. We are near Katmai National Park and Preserve and have permits to operate on "limited access" rivers. The benefit of choosing to visit the Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge is that whether you decide to fly-out to fish a nearby stream or stay and experience the wonders that our home river offers, your fishing day will be filled with adventure and excitement. All of these fly-outs are included in the package price. 


A typical day is as follows:

Breakfast made to order begins at 5:45 AM.

You will depart the lodge at 7:00 AM for a day of fishing on the Naknek River.

Your guide will serve lunches riverside. You will then fish the river until approximately 5:00 PM.  Cocktails and appetizers are in the main lodge at 6:30 PM and dinner is at 7:30 PM.


MASSAGE THERAPY:  The lodge has a massage therapist available.


ACTIVITIES FOR THE NON-ANGLER:  The lodge has some excellent day trip destinations that offer outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing and as much or as little fishing as a visitor might enjoy. One of them is Brooks Falls, in Katmai National Park, which offers bear viewing and a visitor center and can easily be previewed on line. 

GRATUITIES:  Tipping the staff is customary, yet not required.  A tip is earned, and each individual staff member understands that they must earn that tip.  A good, pooled tip amount for the staff is 10% of your package price.


Additional details can be found at We encourage you to contact Mitch or Jim at the shop (970-262-2878 or for assistance in booking this or any destination trip. Remember that it costs no more to arrange your destination travel through Cutthroat Anglers.