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Join Cutthroat Anglers and Pursuit Anglers for an unforgettable fly fishing experience to the Baja, April 24 – April 30, 2014.  Fishing will be in the Sea of Cortez, which Jacques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World” because of the more than 700 species of fish that inhabit the area. Blue, black and striped marlin, yellow fin tuna, dorado and wahoo are common blue water species.   Inshore species include jack crevalle, sierra mackerel, red and cubera snapper, three kinds of trevally, yellowtail, black skip jack, pompano, grouper, and ladyfish. 


Rooster fish are the primary target when fly fishing Baja


But, it’s the roosterfish, or Pez Gallo as it’s known in Spanish, that provides the opportunity for a truly unique angling experience.  It’s been said that the roosterfish has the size and strength of a giant trevally combined with the intelligence and natural nervousness of a permit.  The all-tackle world record of 114 pounds was nearly shattered by a rooster that was caught out of nearby La Paz that weighed at least 135 pounds.  That fish was released and was therefore never documented.  Roosters in the 20- to 30- pound range are commonly encountered.


Fishing the Baja is as magical as it gets in the sport of fly fishing


The trip will provide 5 days of fishing and 6 nights of lodging at a comfortable private beach home (Casa Laguna) near the town of Los Barilles.  Cutthroat Anglers has reserved the entire home for 6 to 8 anglers.  Cost for the trip is $2900 per person, double occupancy, and includes airport transfers, beachfront accommodations, all meals with our private chef, beverages (including alcoholic beverages), and fishing each day from either a panga or from the beach via side-by-side ATVs.




This part of the Baja is unlike the glitz and glamor of Cabo San Lucas.  This area is old school Baja, comprised of fishing towns that are surrounded by one-lane dirt roads, roaming cattle, and arid desert conditions.  That is complemented by more than 25 miles of accessible beach that is unmatched in its beauty and crystal-clear waters that boast every shade of turquoise and blue that you can imagine.


The Lodging in Baja California is first rate and secluded


Is travel safe in this area?  We suggest you visit Department of State’s web site for the latest information.  However, there have not been nor are there currently any travel advisories for the La Paz and Cabo San Lucas areas.




Two methods of fishing will be available to anglers. For example, a day on the panga will be devoted to inshore/offshore game pursuit including tuna, dorado, billfish, yellow fin tuna, roosterfish, jack crevalle, sierra mackerel and various snapper.


But, if you’re interested in focusing on roosterfish, fishing will be from either pangas or from the beach via side-by-side ATVs.  The latter is an exciting, and physically exhausting means of angling that is truly unique.   


The rule of the day for roosterfish gear (which is provided) is 10-weight rods, 20- to 30-pound fluorocarbon leaders, and large 4/0 flies that imitate mullet or sardinas.  The folks at Pursuit Anglers have the necessary fly patterns dialed in and available for use as part of the trip package.

Walk the Sandy Beaches of Baja California searching for the elusive Roosterfish 


Hunting for roosterfish from the beach is all about sight fishing and is unlike anything you’ve ever done before.  ATVs are used to cover a lot of ground in search of either schools of roosters or solitary individuals.  Once located, the angler must quickly organize his rod and line and get the fly in front of the fish ASAP.  The fish are constantly on the move, which often requires long sprints along the beach to provide opportunities for multiple shots.  A good double-haul is necessary, as is typical for saltwater environs.  If the target fish are beyond casting range, one of the guides will attempt to tease the fish in close to shore.  As a result, angling for roosters is very often a team endeavor.  Alternatively, an angler can post up on the beach and wait for the fish to come to within casting range.


And, speaking of the guides, Kate, Justin, Josh and their Mexican boat captain are excellent guides.  We have had the pleasure of fishing with Kate, Justin and Josh at locales such as the Baja, Alaska and Christmas Island.


Finally, one of the best-kept secrets of angling for roosterfish is that you can enjoy an extra margarita at night since you don’t have to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn.  Instead, you can enjoy a Baja breakfast and wait for the mid-morning sun to rise and light up the shallows to more easily spot fish within casting range.


Hooking a Roosterfish is one thing; landing a Roosterfish is another thing entirely




Guests are responsible for making transportation arrangements to the San Jose Del Cabo International Airport (SJD) at their expense.


The price for the package is $2900 per person, double occupancy.  A 50% deposit is required in order to reserve dates.  Deposit dates will be outlined in a booking confirmation.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  However on a case-by-case basis, a deposit may be refunded if your trip can be rebooked.  In this event, a $500 cancellation fee will be assessed.  The final remainder of payment is due 60 days prior to the trip start date.


There are no refunds and monies will not be refunded if a trip is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the trip.  We encourage every guest to purchase trip insurance.