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Guided Fly Fishing on private waters near Silverthorne - catch the big 'ins!


Private Water Fishing Options


Cutthroat Anglers is privileged to offer access to Troublesome Creek, Hidden Valley Lake and Black Mountain Pond.  Private water is the choice if you are seeking solitude and concentrated trout populations. If you are excited about the prospect of fishing the public waters in Colorado, imagine how amazing having the water to yourself feels. Novice and expert fly anglers alike will enjoy our private water offerings. From still waters to a picture perfect stream, this is truly your opportunity for a trip-of-a-lifetime in Colorado.


Smiles are abundant when fishing at Troublesome Creek with one of our guide service staff members

Troublesome Creek 


Located in Middle Park, Colorado (near Kremmling), Troublesome Creek offers some of the finest small stream fishing to be found anywhere. A tributary to the Colorado River, Troublesome Creek winds through willows, Cottonwood trees and grassy hay fields on its way to its confluence with the mighty Colorado. Troublesome Creek anglers experience a peaceful privacy.


Our access to Troublesome Creek consists of 4 miles of water located entirely within the confines of a private ranch. The 4 miles are split into 3 beats of approximately equal length. The managers of Troublesome Creek use the “fishing beat” system to reduce the chances of over-fishing the property.  In addition, one of the beats is rested each week and is not fished at all. 


Rainbow trout are the predominant species found in Troublesome. While rainbows pushing the 30-inch mark have been netted, rainbows typically fill the net in the 16-20 inch range. The possibility of a Colorado “Grand Slam” is a distinct possibility as, in addition to rainbows, Troublesome Creek holds cutthroats, browns and brook trout. Anglers of all abilities have a very realistic chance of hooking that “Trout of a Lifetime.”


The dry fly fishing can be amazing at Troublesome Creek. Green Drakes hatch in good numbers in the late Spring, Pale Morning Duns and Yellow Sallies arrive in early Summer, terrestrials (think Grasshoppers) come into play during the heat of our alpine Summers (and into the Fall) and Tricos usually make an appearance sometime in early to mid September.


When conditions allow, hopper/dropper fishing is our preferred means of attack. The violent takes on the dry fly make it difficult to justify using an indicator.  During periods of high water, or when the fish are holding deep in the water column, indicator nymphing can bring some of the biggest fish in the river to the net. Streamer fishing can also be very effective.


The rod fees for Troublesome are $160 per angler. This is in addition to the price of hiring a guide for the day (Click for wade trip pricing). Only full day wade trips are available on Troublesome Creek. 


Troublesome Prices

    * 1 Angler  = $435

    * 2 Anglers = $695

    * 3 Anglers = $975


We are not able to offer online booking for our private water. Please contact the shop for reservation details or to make a reservation. 


Lunch is provided on full day private water trips (please see lunch menu below).



Hidden Valley Lake


A spring fed lake situated in the high mountain desert, nestled among rolling hills, and covered in sagebrush. HiddenPrivate water ponds are a great place to take a guided trip and land the big trout you have always wanted on the end of your line Valley is a small lake that hides hidden treasures. This pond has a very abundant biomass. Starting in the Spring, Chironomids, scuds, leeches, boatman, and other subsurface food abounds. When Summer comes, the Callibaetis hatches are thick, and the Damselfly hatches will go on for almost a month. The clarity of water later in the summer can be fun, having a spotter on the hill directing your casts will give you an extra advantage. On windy days, the flying ants and numerous anthills provide some exciting terrestrial action. Rainbows are the main species calling Hidden Valley “home,” but numerous cutthroats, browns and brookies are caught every year. The bows can reach close to 28 inches, and will test your reel and fish fighting skills. Trophy brook trout in the 20-inch range are caught each year from this lake. Pronghorn Antelope, prairie falcons, and the occasional golden eagle will keep you company throughout the summer while fishing this great mountain lake.


Rod fees for Hidden Valley Lake are $40 for a half day and $80 for a full day. These fees are in addition to the price of the guided trip. 


Hidden Valley Pricing

    * 1 Angler Half-Day =  $255              * 1 Angler Full Day  = $355

    * 2 Anglers Half-Day = $355             * 2 Anglers Full Day = $535

    * 3 Anglers Half-Day = $495             * 3 Anglers Full Day = $735


We are not able to offer online booking for our private water. Please contact the shop for reservation details or to make a reservation.




Black Mountain Pond



Private water is known to being home to big troutThis high country jewel is located on one of our private Ranches and holds some of the largest trout you will find.  Spring fed, and loaded with freshwater shrimp, this still water fishery produces trophy fish like no other.  The pond is nestled below Black Mountain, and affords our clients spectacular views of the valley below.  Rainbow, brown, brook, cutbow and cutthroat trout all thrive in this aquatic insect rich lake.  Anglers enjoy awesome dry fly action for monster trout as they inhale adult damsels and other terrestrials off the surface. Weighted streamers can entice the big browns that lurk the depths of this pond. The majority of the trout caught in this water are in the 3-5 pound class, with several pushing the double-digit mark….And then there are those just too big to land!


Rod fees for Black Mountain Pond are $40 for a half day and $80 for a full day. These fees are in addition to the price of the guided trip.


Black Mountain Pricing

    * 1 Angler Half-Day =  $255              * 1 Angler Full Day  = $355

    * 2 Anglers Half-Day = $355             * 2 Anglers Full Day = $535

    * 3 Anglers Half-Day = $495             * 3 Anglers Full Day = $735



We are not able to offer online booking for our private water. Please contact the shop for reservation details or to make a reservation.





Reservation and Cancellation Policies:

* A 50% deposit is required to make a winter trip reservation.

* Deposit amounts, excluding private water rod fees, are fully refundable outside of 7 days of your reservation date.

* Cancellations or date changes within 7 days of your reservation date will result in the loss of your deposit.

* We fish rain, shine or snow. If conditions are deemed too dangerous to fish, a full refund will be issued.

** Unfortunately, private water rod fees are only refundable in the event that conditions are either unfishable or are deemed too dangerous to fish safely.


Waivers and Declaimers: 

* There is inherent risk in taking a guided trip. 

* Anyone under 18 being is considered to be a minor. 

* A signed waiver is required for each client. Minor Waivers must be signed, without exception, by either a Parent or Legal Guardian. Friends of the family cannot sign the waiver for a minor.


Download Our Waiver of Liability 


* All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

** We are a Licensed Colorado River Outfitter-Permits Issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management.



 Lunch Menu

 Sandwiches and Wraps (Lettuce/Tomato/Mayo/Mustard on the side):
- Turkey
- Ham
- Roast Beef
- Veggie ((grilled vegetables with a roasted
red pepper spread)
- Chicken Curry Salad Wrap
- Chicken Caesar Wrap
- Caesar Salad
- Caesar Salad with Chicken
*Gluten Free Bread is available upon request