Guide’s Selection Fly Box

Guide’s Selection Fly Box

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The Guides Selection fly box is the perfect setup for both beginners and experienced anglers alike. Save over 40 dollars with this awesome selection. With a hand selected assortment of our most consistent and productive flies, the Guides Selection fly box will give any angler the best chance at landing fish wether its their first fish or their hundredth. In addition to the selection of flies, the boxes are priced at a discounted rate, which makes them not only the most effective box, but one of the most economical.  The box is a Fishpond Original 2x box made entirely out of recycled plastics, making it as eco friendly as it is durable. 

Included with the box:

-Three size 10 brown and black Pat’s Rubber Legs

-Three size 10 black Pat’s Rubber Legs

-Three size 20 olive Rainy’s Real Meal 

-Three size 20 grey Rainy’s Real Meal

-Three size 18 black Zebra Midge

-Three size 18 grey Rs2

-Three size 18 Prince Nymph

-Three size 18 Bubble Back Emerger

-Three size 18 black JuJu Baetis

-Three size 18 purple JuJu Baetis

-Three size 18 Guides Choice Hares Ear

-Three size 18 Bead head Flashback Hares Ear

-Three size 18 red Two Bit Hooker

-Three size 18 olive Two Bit Hooker

-Three size 20 natural pheasant tail 

-Three size 20 Black Pheasant tail

-Three size 20 flashback Pheasant tail

-Three size 20 Tungsten CDC Flashback Pheasant Tail

-Two size 14 Black/Tan Chubby Chernobyl 

-Two size 10 Olive Chubby Chernobyl

-Three size 16 brown Elk’s Hair Caddis

-Three size 20 Adams

-Three Size 22 Extended Body Blue winged Olive

-Four Size 16 Royal Micro Chubbys 

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