muddy.jpgMuddy Creek

Most of Muddy Creek, above Wolford Reservoir, is limited to private access, so most fly rodders focus their attention to the tailwater section below the reservoir. This stretch is similar in appearance to the Dream Stream; however, the fishing usually pales in comparison.

Come Armed with Insect Repellent

Muddy Creek fishes best during the consistent flows of the summer months; however, this time period is also the peak season for horseflies. In our opinion, the horseflies far outweigh the fishing opportunities available in Muddy Creek, so we tend to avoid this stream for alternative options.


While there is still no scientific evidence, the horse flies that inhabit Muddy Creek are genetic freaks. This alien species of flies seem to be attracted to DEET products. Enter at your own risk!

Much of this river features undercut banks and shallow riffles that are best targeted with a dry-dropper combo. Since this river is located in close proximity to more fabled rivers, this can be a spot to get away from the crowds.