tenmile-2.jpgThe Snake River

The Snake River begins above the town of Montezuma near the Continental Divide. Until recently, local mining projects destroyed the ecosystem of the Snake; however, local efforts are restoring the Snake to a fishable habitat. Keystone Resort annually stocks the Snake, so anglers can usually find numerous trout.


Little Need to “Match the Hatch”

We classify the Snake River as an artificial fishery; however, there is little need to “match the hatch” when fishing here. General attractor patterns are standard fare. A few holdover trout from past stocking programs are available to test the skills of even the most skilled angler.


We suggest you focus your effort on a more traditional trout stream such as the Colorado or the Blue; however, if you are limited on time and need a quick trout fix, the Snake is a great choice.


Wading the Snake is very easy (runoff being the exception). Anglers can fish through much of Keystone Resort and the inlet of the Snake into Lake Dillon. The inlet attracts big trout from the lake throughout the season, and is the best section to catch a trophy trout.