Spinney-Mountain-1.jpgSpinney Mountain Reservoir

Spinney Mountain Reservoir is arguably the best still water fishery in the state. Formed by the South Platte River, Spinney Mountain is full of monster trout that pull like freight trains. Big fish draw big crowds. We used to refer to Spinney as the Cheerio Bowl because of the numerous float tubes, but with the increased popularity of pontoons and U-boats we now know it as the Alpha-bits Bowl.


Nestled in the middle of South Park, Spinney is exposed to the elements. With no trees for a buffer, the wind can wreak havoc on a day of fishing. As long as the wind cooperates, Spinney is (usually) extremely productive.


Spinney offers numerous bays, drop-offs, and weed beds. During calm days, anglers can stalk trout on the flats like a saltwater angler targeting bonefish. You can stealthily hunt sipping trout as they cruise the flats for dry flies. Primarily, we fish Spinney out of a drift boat to cover more water in a comfortable environment. Besides fishing the flats, we target trout near weed lines and drop-offs with both nymph rigs and dry flies depending on the feeding patterns.


While you may think still water fishing is child’s play, we argue that it will take all of your angling skills to land these torpedo trout. As you near exhaustion from fighting a fish for over five minutes you will be shocked to learn that your ardent opponent was a meager 16-inch rainbow. Pound for pound, Spinney’s trout pull harder than any. With trout frequently reaching over 20-inches, anglers have the opportunity to land numerous trout with leviathan potential.