williams-fork-res-1.jpgPike on the Fly

The Williams Fork Reservoir is best known as a trophy Northern Pike fishery rather than a trout fishery. The monster pike feed on the tiny trout. Occasionally, anglers will find trout near the inlet of the river; however, a majority of the trout are removed by catch-and-keep anglers.

The real draw of the Williams Fork is the Pike fishing. Many local anglers swear the next state record Pike will be caught here. Many Pike over 40-inches patrol the lake. Northern Pike are an exceptional quarry on a fly. The fastest fresh water fish, Pike often treat anglers to explosive strikes and acrobatic leaps.

Pike fishing success hinges on water temps. During spring, as the water warms, the Pike slowly move onto the flats. Pike become extremely aggressive during the spring as they gorge on baitfish and prepare to spawn. The Pike usually patrol the drop offs, and occasionally stalk the flats in search of an easy meal.

We primarily target Pike from a drift boat to cover more water and provide a high vantage point to see the fish easier. Anglers can also wade fish for Pike in many of the shallow bays; however, wading limits the total water you can fish. Sight fishing for Pike will test the nerves of even the most seasoned angler.