Ben's 2024 Gift Guide

Shopping for the fly-fisher man or woman can be a difficult task, especially when they seem to have it all and you are not well versed in fly fishing gear. Here are a couple of my favorite products we carry that make for great gifts for any angler.
Skwala Clothing
Comfy clothing makes a big difference when out in the elements. We recently started carrying a new brand called Skwala which I have been super impressed with. My two favorite products are the Sol Wading Pant and the Thermo 150 Hoody.


Sol Wading Pant- These are quick dry pants that can be worn out on the water or to your local brewery. I’ve tried out 5-6 different fishing pants and these are by far the softest, lightest, and best looking ones I’ve found. 


Thermo 150 Hoody- A sun hoody with 50+ UPF and made entirely of Merino Wool. This is a base layer for outdoor recreation on steroids. Super soft and you will be shocked how warm this hoody is.



We carry a variety of drinkware ranging from the Rep Your Water Camp Mug to the new lightweight Yonder Water Bottle. Does your loved one fancy a glass of bourbon or scotch? If so, check out Rep Your Water's Etched Rocks Glass. Not only does drinkware make for a great gift, it also helps kick single use plastics!


Yeti Loadout GoBox 60 Gear Case
The Loadout Gear Case has become my favorite fly/terminal tackle gear storage system that we carry. Most boat bags are soft so you can’t stand on them and they do not provide bomb proof protection for your electronics and/or other valuables. I like the 60L size because it has the highest capacity and serves as my central storage unit that I keep everything in between wading and floating pack changes. The Gear Case doubles as a great sighting platform anglers can stand on.


Fly fishing is an extremely gear heavy sport and having the right luggage will keep gear safe and organized. Luggage is also a product category that most of us don’t like spending our own money on which makes it a great gift! Here are a few of my favorites.

Free Fly Women's Gridback Fleece Jacket

My favorite new women’s piece from Free Fly. The Gridback Fleece Jacket is a nice combination of technology and style that is a great winter layer that can also be dressed up for social events.


Legacy Cutthroat Anglers Logo Hats
Hats are another one of those things anglers can never have enough of. We are excited to bring Legacy on as a new brand. The Skully, Caddy, and Rempa Hats are my three favorites.
We love putting together custom selections of flies for all anglers. All we need to know is where the person likes to fish, what style of fishing they are in to (dry flies, streamers, nymphing), and if we are starting from scratch or adding to an extensive fly selection. 
Gift Cards!
Still have no clue? Simply purchase a Gift Card and let your loved one decide what they want. Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and can be utilized on retail products or guide trips!

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