Harlan Kimball


Growing up in New England, Harlan spent a lot of time fishing for Stripers, Bluefish and Bluefin Tuna with friends and family. Cruising around Cape Cod Bay looking for boils of feeding fish will always be one of his favorite things to do. During his time in Vermont he was able to ski as much as possible while also fishing small creeks in his spare time. He moved out to Colorado to attend the University of Denver for a degree in Marketing and decided this was the place to be. Throwing hoppers and streamers while enjoying some ice cold Coors Light with friends is his favorite weekend activity. He's excited to be a part of the Cutthroat team, so stop by and be sure to say what's up.



Hometown: New England, USA 
Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Colorado River 
Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Flex, Sage Foundation, Ross Animas, Sage Spectrum  
Destinations Fished: Cape Cod, and all around The West 
When I’m Not Fishing: I'll be skiing, watching sports, or hanging out with my girlfriend  
I love to fish Colorado because: The people, the views and the endless amounts of places to explore. Also, the Coors Light seems to be fresher here. 

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