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UPDATED: 6/18/24

Flow: 1200 CFSRiver Graph

The "tailwater" section of Blue River through Silverthorne fishes fairly consistently year round. Water temps normally stay within the lower forties (fahrenheit), which doesn’t produce a large variety of hatches. For the most part, small midge larva, and Mysis Shrimp (small clear/white shrimp inhabiting Dillon Reservoir), are staples of the trouts diet. Things start to get more interesting if Dillon Reservoir reaches capacity and “spills” through the top release of the dam, instead of the bottom. This causes a larger variety of aquatic insects that live in the Blue River to become active, and therefore more available to trout.

The best technique is usually nymphing under a small, inconspicuous indicator. Adjust your weight and indicator depth depending on the depth of the piece of water you are working, and to the depth at which the fish are holding. Seeing rising fish is a possibility, as is seeing some action on streamers.

Current Conditions:


The Blue is around 1390 CFS coming out of the bottom of the reservoir.




Clear, High


 | Worms | Stoneflies | Midges | Mysis Shrimp | Caddis | small mayflies(BWO and PMD) | leeches, smaller fish, worms etc. 

Flies to Try

Guides Choice Dozen $24.99


San Juan Worm 12-16 | Red or Pink Squirmy Worm | Epoxy mysis #18 | Natural Pheasant Tail #18-22 | Mayfly Nymph BWO size 18-20 | RS2 Dun 18-22 | Jujubee Midge #18-22 | Miracle Midge #20-22 | WD-40 Chocolate and Black #18-22|


| Elk Hair Caddis Yellow #18 | Peacock Caddis #18 |  Extended Body BWO size 18-22 | Extended Body BWO #18-22|  Matthew's Sparkle Dun BWO | Griffith’s Gnat size 18-24 | Umpqua Adult Midge Dark 20-22 | CDC Morgan's Midge size 20-22


| Thin Mint #6 | Near Nuff Sculpin olive size 04-06 | Super Bugger Tan size 6 | Pop’s Bugger pearl/grizzly size 8 | Pine Squirrel Leech in black size 12 | Slump Busters in olive and natural | Crystal Bugger white sizes 8-12 | Halebop Leech wine no bead size 8 

Guide Tip of the Week:

The Blue's flows are around 1400 cfs - This is the highest the Blue has been in about 15 years, and it is currently closed to all boat traffic above 6th street. With flows this high, take advantage of being able to rope up on your tippet; we have been using 0-3x as of late to try and prevent breaking off on fish that turn into the heavy current. Even though the flows are high, the water has been staying fairly clear throughout the day as we are still receiving bottom releases out of Dillon reservoir. The water has been getting a bit of stain in the afternoons and evenings after rainstorms above Straight and Ptarmigan creek, but dirty water adds quite a bit of food to the system. We have been finding fish extremely tight to the bank in what is normally grass and bushes at standard flows and have been able to convince quite a few fish to eat San Juan and squirmy worms lately, that or your favorite heavy attractor pattern followed by a small midge would be your best bet. Streamers have also been a good choice if you cover a good amount of water. We still recommend sight fishing, look tighter to the bank than you normally would, rope up your tippet and use enough split shot to get your flies in the strike zone as quickly as possible. 


Also check out the Town of Silverthorne's Blue River Fishing Access Map


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