Private Water

We have access to a few of the best private water areas. Private water trips cost extra for access to the area, but oftentimes the private water can lead to a quieter experience with less pressured trout. Some companies charge a rod fee on top of their published rate, but in the spirit of all-inclusivity, we have added those in for you. If you have any questions about the pricing breakdown, we’d be happy to answer them. Just contact us.


Troublesome Creek

This small creek averages 15 feet across, and it has been improved considerably to offer deep pools that hold large fish. Because of its small size, the water is slightly technical but leads to big fish. Long casts are needed when the water gets low and the fish get spooked. Nymphing is typically the best tactic here, but summer hopper fishing can be excellent. Overall, there’s a good chance of catching a 2 foot fish here, and it’s stocked with rainbows and cutbows.

Hidden Valley Trophy Pond

This spring-fed pond is just outside of Kremmling. The water stays relatively cool in the summer and does not freeze over completely in the winter. It can be technical without cloud cover. Casting dry flies to cruising trout is a guide favorite, but nymphing the drop offs and streamer fishing can produce big numbers. The damselfly and callibaetis hatches here offer some excellent fishing. Stocked with tiger trout, brown trout, rainbows, cutbows and steelhead.

Santa Maria

This is two perfect miles of private water access on the Middle Fork of the South Platte. Great for wading, this private water is more beginner-friendly because it's so open. While fishing, you’ll find a mixture of wild and large stocked fish. There are a lot of smaller fish with a chance at catching a trophy fish in total solitude on one of the oldest ranches in the state.

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