Wade Trips

Walk and wade fishing is a great shore-side alternative to the float trip. Because your guide doesn’t have to row a boat while guiding your trip, they have more time to pay attention to and guide your technique. If you want to enjoy a relaxing pace or learn more about fishing on your own, walk and wade trips are great. Families love this option because their entire group can stay together instead of being divided up 2 anglers per boat. If you have difficulties with mobility or energy levels, a float trip may be better for you. 

Most trip groups meet at the shop around 7:30 a.m., but we are happy to adjust start times and location to accommodate your preferences whenever possible. Give or take the travel time to where you are fishing, half days return around 1 p.m. and full days return around 5 p.m. Full day trips include lunch. Consider the energy level of your group when choosing between a full or half day, and remember that no matter what type of trip you book, we cannot accommodate children who are under 75 pounds and/or unable to swim. The price of the trip is all inclusive. We will provide rods, reels, boots, waders and flies. The only thing you need to cover is a fishing license and gratuity.


Please call the shop at 970-262-2878 or email ben@fishcolorado to request a guide trip. We take pride in catering our guide trip experiences to each angler and it is important that we have a full conversation at the time of booking.


Your deposit is fully refundable until 7 days before your reservation date. Cancellations within 7 days will result in loss of your deposit.  Cancellation within 24 hours will result in loss of your full payment. We fish rain or shine. If conditions are deemed too dangerous to fish safely, full refunds will be issued.  

*3% of deposit will be held regardless of cancellation timeline to cover processing fee.

Full Day Trip

If you want the full wading experience, book our full day trip!


Starting Price

1 Angler Wade Trip $500

2 Anglers Wade Trip $600

3 Anglers Wade Trip $700

Half Day Trip

Book a half day trip with a guide to walk you through your wading adventure.


Starting Price

1 Angler Wade Trip $350

2 Anglers Wade Trip $450

3 Anglers Wade Trip $550

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