Blue River North of Town

Fishing Report

UPDATED: 2/25/2024

Flow: Around 150 cfsRiver Graph

The Blue River North of Silverthorne town limits contains some beautiful public water and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, it does not boast the highest trout population in some of its public sections. This does not mean there are no fish to be caught, but you may have to be patient and work a little harder to hook up. However, you do always have the shot at hooking the fish of a lifetime, a large trout that usually reside in private sections of the Blue sometimes venture into public waters. Happy hunting.

Current Conditions:

RIVER FLOW(Cubic Feet Per Second

Around 150 cfs with a good amount of ice buildup making some places unfishable.


30’s - 40’s and ice has been locking the river up in places. 


3-5 ft


| Golden stoneflies | Midges | Baetis | smaller fish, leeches, etc. | 

Flies to Try

Guides Choice Dozen $24.99


  TDJ Golden Stone size 12-16 | Tungsten Flashback CDC Hare's Ear size 14-18 | Tungsten CDC Flashback Pheasant Tail size 14-20 | Barr's Graphic Caddis tan size 18 | UV Midge black or brown size 18-24 | olive or grey Sparkle Wing RS2 in size 18-22  |  Disco Midge pearl or red size 18-22 | Zebra Midge black or olive 18-22 | Thin Mint 6-8 |


Elk Hair Caddis olive size 12-16 | Peacock caddis size 18 | Parachute Adams size 12-24 | parachute extended body BWO size 18-22 | Solitude Midge black size 20-24 | Brook Sprouts Midge size 18-24 grey, cream, and black


 Sculpzilla in black, olive, or natural size 4-8 | Near Nuff Sculpin olive and tan size 4-6  | Slump Busters  black or white | Pop’s Bugger pearl/grizzly, or black/olive size 8 | Bead Head Mini Leech olive/black size 08 | Crystal Bugger white size 12 |

Guide Tip of the Week:

There is a good amount of ice build up on the river starting around Blue River Campground and north of there. This time of year it can be more productive to fish in town or upstream from the campground. Deep nymph rigs are currently the name of the game. Flies replicating golden stones and and tiny midges will be the most productive for the foreseeable future. Eggs are also a great attractor pattern to put above a small midge. Look for fish in deep pools and in winter feeding lies (slow/deep water).


Also check out the Town of Silverthorne's Blue River Fishing Access Map


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