Williams Fork River

The Williams Fork drainage is located 45 minutes north of the shop. The Reservoir is a trophy Northern Pike fishery and the area is best known for its tailwater section, which is released from the Williams Fork Reservoir and flows into the Colorado River a few miles downstream of its origin. The Williams Fork tailwater fishes best when it has enough CFS to entice fish from the Colorado river to run up it. A solid population of midges, Baetis, Pale Morning Dun’s(PMD’s) and caddis exist in the Williams fork below the dam. Also notable are mosquitoes that develop in this area – take cover. Seriously. A light nymph rig is the norm for fishing this stretch of water, although strong hatches can produce solid dry fly fishing at times. Streamer fishing can also be good here in the fall.



This small tributary of the Colorado River runs near the town of Parshall. A short 1 mile hike can keep the riff-raff out. The Willy’s Fork tailwater is a great place to find trophy rainbow trout, and it is a fan favorite in the fall. Anglers will find trout near the inlet of the river, and the monster pike feed on the tiny trout. During spring, as the water warms, the pike slowly move onto the flats.

We primarily target pike from a drift boat to cover more water and provide a high vantage point to see the fish easier. Anglers can also wade fish for pike in many of the shallow bays; however, wading limits the total water you can fish. Sight fishing for Pike will test the nerves of even the most seasoned angler.

Upper River

This small creek fishing boasts eager brown, rainbow, and brook trout that rise to a dry fly during summer months. Miles of river can be accessed on the east side of Ute Pass near the Henderson Mill. There is a very healthy wildlife population in this area, and folks often see a moose or two. The more water you cover, the more fish you will catch!

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