2024 Kid's Camp


Quick Summary:  3 days of guided fishing from 8 am to 4pm. Parents will need to drop kids off at Cutthroat Anglers at 8 am each day, pickup will be between 3-4 pm and coordinated between the guides and parents each day. The price includes all gear/flies, transportation to and from the river, lunches, tying equipment and everything needed for this unique experience!


3 days of Professional Fly Fish Guiding (max ratio 3:1)

All flies, terminal tackle, rods/reels

Use of waders for the duration of the course

Shore lunch each day

Fly tying materials 

Greetings from the Cutthroat Kids Camp! I’m guide John Gibbons and I’ll be joining guide Blake Montey to introduce future generations to the wonders of flyfishing. The 2024 Cutthroat Kid's Camp is designed for young ladies and gentlemen ages 10-14 years. We’ll go on a 3-day journey into the world of fly fishing, its winding rivers and learn about the trout that swim in them. We’ll learn the mechanics of how the fly rod, reel, line, leader and tippets work together in elegant casts. While safely wading the rivers, we’ll learn how to locate trout and what flies are used to catch them.

We’ve teamed up with Blue River Watershed to spend some time learning about conservation efforts and strategies. The importance of preserving these magical places will be emphasized through fieldwork with a BRWG team member.

No discussion about fly fishing would be complete without delving into the fascinating field of entomology and looking at the abundant food supply in our rivers. Trout feed on a myriad of bugs and to catch them, we need to recognize what they are eating at certain times. We’ll look at the actual bugs in the river then compare what we see to our fly boxes. And we won’t stop there, as one afternoon will be spent at the vice learning to tie a few patterns. Nothing compares to the joy of catching a fish on a personally tied fly.
This is essentially our 3-day guide clinic customized for the upcoming fly-fishing generations. Blake and I, along with our staff, would be honored to introduce your aspiring fly fisherwoman or fisherman to a lifetime of enjoying rivers and the trout that inhabit them.

Dates and Pricing Details

$800 per kid, 6 kids total maximum

August 2nd to 4th, 2024

Boys and Girls Age 10-14

Feel free to call the shop at 970-262-2878 or email Ben
McCormick at ben@fishcolorado.com for more details.



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