Eagle River Report

Fishing Report

UPDATED: 11/29/23

River Flow: 169 cfs below Gypsum River Graph

The Eagle River is a freestone tributary to the Colorado River, containing similar aquatic life. Its headwaters lie high in the White River National Forest, along Highway 24. These upper stretches are best for pocket water fishing with dry flies, and small nymphs. The majority of the public access for the Eagle is found along I-70 between the towns of Minturn, and Gypsum. A river map showing public access areas can be useful when fishing the Eagle due to a high number of short public stretches divided by private land. Despite its close proximity to I-70, the Eagle remains a top notch fishery, boasting beautiful views, and trophy sized rainbows.

Current Conditions:

RIVER FLOW(Cubic Feet Per Second)

169 Below Gypsum


30’s - 40’s


4+ ft 


  | Baetis | Midge larva/ emergers/adults | small fish, leeches, etc. | Stoneflies

Flies to Try

Guides Choice Dozen $24.99 


   Squirmy Worm | Radiation Baetis 16-20 | TDJ Golden Stone size 12-16 | Pat's Rubber Legs  olive/brown, or coffee size 10-12 | RS2 Dun 20-22 | olive Hare's Ear size 10-14 | Darth Baetis size 18-22 grey | JuJu Sallie size 18-20 | Sparkle Wing RS2 olive or grey size 20-22  | UV Midge Black or brown 18-22 | Two Bit Hooker Black #16 |  


 Parachute Adams size 16-22 | Matthew's Sparkle Dun BWO size 18-22 | size 20-22 CDC Morgan's Midge | Solitude Midge olive or black size 18-24


  Galloup’s Dungeon white or black | Articulated Yummy | Silk Kitty white | Baby Gonga (olive, black, rainbow trout, and brown trout colors) | Thin Mint size 4-8 | Articulated Goldie Wooly Buggers (olive, black, white) | Pine Squirrel Leeches (black, purple, red) | slump busters in white

     Guide Tip of the Week:  

Winter on the eagle is here! Small baetis and midge patterns have consistantly been bringing fish to the net. Shore ice is forming andy you may see slush early. I will start my rig with a stonefly nymph and follow that by natural midge and BWO patterns. Stick to ntural color schemes in size 20 and down. Hot headed nymphs can also be very productive. This is a great time to try out streamers on sink tip line. Big streamers like the Sex Dungeon, Articulated Sparkle Yummy, or Silk Kitty are great options. As we get into the fall, do not discount egg paterns. Think heavy and look for fish in both deep riffles and tailouts



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