Brandon Omahen

Brandon first began fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and in small lakes and streams across the Northeast at the age of 4. Growing up chasing everything from sunfish and perch to tuna he landed at Colorado College years later where he started his fly fishing career. He joined the Cutthroat Anglers team in 2010. Always up for some exploring, he's constantly ready to fish new water. Brandon's relaxed and patient demeanor coupled with his sense of humor make him a great teacher and guide, and enjoyable to spend time with on the water.

Quick Facts

  • Hometown: Flanders, NJ
  • Favorite Local Fishing Spot: The Colorado (but the Roaring Fork holds a special spot as well)
  • Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Sage One, Lamson Guru with Rio Gold WF6F
  • Destinations Fished: Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, Belize, Alaska
  • When I’m Not Fishing I do avalanche control work at Winter Park Resort in the winter.
  • I love to fish Colorado because I love the float fishing variety.

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