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There’s a reason that the people of Summit County have voted Cutthroat Anglers the “Best Fly Fishing Outfitter” for the last ten years in a row — it’s because our guides are the very best in the Rockies. Put simply, we have a team full of true fishing folks, with the rivers of Colorado practically running through their veins.  Click here to learn more about what makes our guides great.


The Cutthroat Anglers shop sits along the banks of the Blue River in Silverthorne, Colorado, but our guides cast in almost every fishable body of water within 100 miles of our fly shop. 

Since the day we opened, we’ve made water access for our trips a priority. Now, we pride ourselves on the fact that our guide service has one of the largest and best portfolios of water permits in the state. There is almost every trout fishing environment available in Colorado — small streams, freestone rivers, tailwaters, high mountain lakes, stillwater reservoirs — and with us, you have access to all of it. Click here to learn more about our water access across the state of Colorado. 


The fishing is great in Colorado year-round, and our guides host fly fishing trips all year because each season provides unique opportunities that others cannot. While fishing fans from across the globe recognize Colorado for its unmatched dry fly fishing during the summer (usually June through September), we can’t get enough of fishing in the fall under the yellow Aspen trees or in the winter as a break from the ski season — and, if we’re being honest, the larger crowds. There’s a common saying that trout don’t live in ugly places, and we enjoy trying to catch them (and the surrounding views) all year long. 

We offer first-class trips for fishing enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience. Our trips include floats, wades, private water access fishing and dry-land lessons. For fly fishing floats or wades, you can choose between a full or half day. All of our trips include water, soft drinks and the gear you need, and all full-day trips include lunch. 

Trips with Cutthroat Anglers are about fishing on your terms. All trips are private and personalized to your group. No matter your skill level, our guides meet you where you are and cater to your needs, whatever they may be. We limit our guide-to-angler ratio to keep the experience personalized and attentive. Our hope is that by the end of the day you’ve enjoyed the process of fishing, not just the catching. We’re proud to have long-time regulars and repeat customers of all ages and levels of experience — including family and friends to couples and corporate trips. But you don’t have to take our word for it... We’ll let our reviews speak for themselves.


Please call the shop at 970-262-2878 or email ben@fishcolorado to request a guide trip. We take pride in catering our guide trip experiences to each angler and it is important that we have a full conversation at the time of booking. Therefore, we are no longer booking guide trips online.


All trip types can be enjoyed by beginners and experts, but there are a few ways we like to help point people in the right direction. 
Want more technical, hands on instruction? Want to fish more on your own in the future?
Try a walk and wade 
Want to take in the views and see as much as possible while casting?
Try a float trip
Want to guarantee a totally-private day on the water with no other angler in site?  
Check out our private trips
Want to pack more into your day than just fishing?
Try a half day float or wade.
Want to bring the kids?
You know their energy levels better than we do, but younger kids tend to like a half day. As long as your child is more than 75 pounds and knows how to swim, we’ll take the whole family out for whatever amount of time you think is best. 
Still unsure? Contact us and tell us about your situation. We’d be happy to recommend what we think is best for your group. 


After booking a trip with us in person, online or over the phone, you’ll get a confirmation email with the trip details. If you have any questions before your trip, you can reply to those or give us a call. In the week leading up to the trip, your guide will get in contact with you about meet-up times and lunch if you’re fishing a full day. Please be aware that any balances owed are automatically collected 7 days prior to your reservation date.

The day of the trip, be sure to bring everything you need to get a Colorado Fishing License if you haven’t already purchased one online. To get one from us in person at the shop, you’ll need to bring a valid state-issued ID and a social security number. Click here to learn more about the Colorado Fishing License. After you have a license, your guide answer any questions you have and check that your group has filled out all necessary paperwork before going out for the day.


Below is a list of everything you should wear, pack or consider the day of your Colorado fly fishing trip with Cutthroat Anglers:

  • Camera or phone with any necessary waterproof attachments 
  • Sunglasses (polarized are best)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Sun protection (sunscreen, SPF shirt - whatever you would normally wear to protect yourself on a very sunny day) 
  • Forecast appropriate accessories – layers and fingerless gloves when it’s cold, rain jacket if it’s supposed to be rainy
  • Any personal fishing equipment that you want to use for the day, although we have it all for you included in the price!



Your deposit is fully refundable until 7 days before your reservation date. Cancellations within 7 days will result in loss of your deposit.  Cancellation within 24 hours will result in loss of your full payment. We fish rain or shine. If conditions are deemed too dangerous to fish safely, full refunds will be issued.  

*3% of deposit will be held regardless of cancellation timeline to cover processing fee.


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