Colorado Parshall Area

Fishing Report

UPDATED: 5/11/24

Flow: 1000 cfs CFS downstream of Parshall

The Colorado River between the towns of Kremmling, CO and Parshall, CO offers several public fishing accesses along U.S. Route 40. The river gradient is fairly mellow through out this section, and offers slow runs, gentle riffles, and deeper holes. This water is excellent for both nymph, and dry fly fishing. If you don’t see risers, then fish nymphs. Since this water is a little slower, and shallow in spots, a heavy rig is not usually needed.

Current Conditions:

RIVER FLOW (Cubic Feet Per Second

Flows at Parshall are around 1000 cfs


30’s - 40’s


3 feet of clarity 


| Stonefly Nymphs | PMDs Baetis | Caddis | Tricos | small fish, leeches |

Flies to Try

Guides Choice Dozen $24.99


Pat's Rubber Leg's  black, brown, or olive size 10 - 12 | San Juan Worm #12 | TDJ Golden Stone 12-16 | Tungsten Flashback CDC Pheasant Tail size 14-20 | Tungsten Hare's Ear size 16-18 | Egan's Jig Frenchie | Sparkle Wing RS2 grey or olive size 18-22  | Mercury Black Beauty size 18-22 | Zebra midge black or olive size 18-22 | 


Parachute Adam's size 12-22  | Black Foam Caddis size 16-18 | Quigley's Film Critic BWO size 18-20 | Extended Body PMD size 16 | Extended Body parachute BWO size 18-22 | Matthew's Sparkle Dun BWO size 16-22 | Thorax BWO size 20-22 | Griffith's Gnat 18-22 | Morgan's CDC Midge size 20-22 |


 Sculpzilla sunrise, olive, or black size 4-8 | Thin Mint size 2 - 6 | Articulated Goldie size 2 - 6 |  Sparkle Minnow White or craw | Slump Busters olive or black size 4-6 | Bead Head Mini Leech olive/black, or wine size 8

Guide Tip of the Week:

 Bobber rigs have been the most productive method to catch fish on the Upper C lately. Water color will be day-by-day until runoff has cleared. You will find fish stacked in deeper runs as the water has cooled down a significant amount. Baetis, Eggs, Worms, Stoneflies and Midges are all on the menu for the foreseeable future. If you're not catching as many as you think, adjust your weight to get deeper or tie on smaller flies in the 22-24 range. Shop employee Harlan had a great day at the Breeze Unit this past week. He found success fishing small pats rubber legs, natural pheasant tails, and foam back emergers. Don’t be surprised to see some dry fly action during the middle to later parts of the day. 



Also check out the Town of Silverthorne's Blue River Fishing Access Map


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