Grant Chacosky

Grant grew up in Philly. He loves the challenge of chasing trout through the high country. Grant lives up in Leadville and enjoys fishing dry flies to eager fish on the Arkansas River. Smallmouth and Striped Bass are his favorites species to catch when he's back in his hometown. His favorite part of being a fishing guide is helping people find their zen in nature through fly fishing. "Chase wild fish in wild places"

Quick Facts

Hometown: Philadelphia

Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Book a trip and find out

Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Scott Radian 5wt Nautilus Rio gold

Destinations Fished: Bermuda, Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico

When I’m Not Fishing: I’m guiding

I love to fish Colorado: Beacuse of the diverse abundance of fly fishing in spectacular scenery. 

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