Colorado River


This stretch of river sits between Hot Sulphur Springs and Kremmling. It is primarily a meadow stream with the exception of Byers Canyon below Hot Sulphur Springs. This adds cold, clear water to the Colorado, which attracts large populations of trout. It holds many popular public access points for Colorado River fly fishing include Paul Gilbert, Breeze Unit, and Sunset Ranch. The stretch between Byers Canyon and Kremmling offers exceptional walk-and-wade access to brown and rainbow trout. The water lends itself to a variety of techniques from nymph fishing to dry fly fishing, but it is one of the best sections of the Colorado River for dry fly fishing.


The Blue River, Williams Fork, Muddy Creek flow into the Colorado above this stretch, so the water becomes much larger, allowing excellent float fishing access. There is more than 60 miles of river to float below Pumphouse with multiple boat ramps throughout. There is tons of camping access that makes it a great area for an overnight fishing trip. Bring your camera, though. It’s absolutely beautiful. This is perfect dry-dropper water throughout the summer, and boasts banner streamer fishing in the fall. 

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