Morgan Long

Morgan grew up in a town in Upstate NY that has more cows than it does people. He has been fishing for as long as he can remember in the numerous small streams and bass ponds that dot this hilly farm country. He began fly fishing at 15 years old, and it took him another two years of self-teaching before he could catch a trout on the fly. During one of his many long road trips with his mom, he traveled to Casper, WY to fish the North Platte and absolutely fell in love with the west, promising himself he’d end up back on this side of the Mississippi. As Morgan’s talents grew, his thirst for the bigger and feistier fish grew as well. To pass the time before he was able to move, Morgan has fished almost every watershed in New York that led to him catching fish he will gladly show a picture of, and checking off every trout and salmon species in the Empire State.

Quick Facts

Hometown: Syracuse, NY, USA 

Favorite Local Fishing Spot: Above the treeline

Most Used Rod, Reel & Line: Moonshine Rods Drifter 4wt | Abel T/R Reel | Cortland 444 line

Destinations Fished:  North Platte River in Casper WY, Salmon River in Pulaski NY, Lake Ontario Tributaries | Delaware River NY | East Coast Salt

When I’m Not Fishing: I'm tying flies, hiking, or out on adventures with my fiancée and our dog

I love to fish Colorado because: Fishing like this simply does not exist on the East Coast.

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