Arkansas Lower Basin

Fishing Report

UPDATED: 3/11/24

Flow: 215 cfs at SalidaRiver Graph

The Arkansas River between Buena Vista and Peublo offers at least 10 boat ramps for float fishing, and numerous wade fishing access areas. There are some serious class III-IV rapids throughout this zone, so educate yourself before you go. Being a freestone river, the Ark supports diverse bug life, including tons of Caddis, Baetis, PMD's, Drakes, Golden Stones, and more.

Current Conditions:


Flows near Salida are close to 215 cfs. 


30’s - 40’s 




Stoneflies | Eggs | Worms | Baetis | midges | small fish, leeches, etc.

Flies to Try

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 Jigged Biot Epoxy Stonefly size 12 dark | Flashback PT Size 18-20 | TDJ Golden Stone size 14 -16 |  Shot Glass Baetis olive size 20 |  Tungsten Hare's Ear size 12 -18 | Nitro Caddis tan or chartreuse size 14-16 | Tungsten Sparkle Wing RS2 grey or black  size 18-20 |  UV Midge black or brown size 18-22 | Zebra Midges assorted colors size 18-22 |


 Elk Hair Caddis size 12-18, olive, brown, or black | Parachute Adams size 12-22 | Parachute Extended Body BWO or PMD size 16-22 | Matthew's Sparkel Dun BWO or PMD size 18-22 | purple Parachute Adams size 16-24  | CDC Morgans Midge size 18 - 22 | 


  Double or Baby Gongas  | Craven's Dirty Hippie | Wooly Buggers black and olive size 04-08 | Near Nuff Sculpin tan or olive size 04 - 06 | Crystal Buggers white size 08-10 | Pine Squirrel Leech black size 12

Guide Tip of the Week:

The ark can be a great option or a picky one this time of year. With us finally seeing flows around 240 cfs near salida, the lower Ark has become an option for the wade angler. Bobber rigs with an a jig like a Egan’s Frenchie or Quill bomb followed by a classic WD40 or Zebra Midge tend to be productive this time of year. If you see patternable rises, don't be afraid to trow some dries. Guide Jack saw some “OK” midge hatched down there a couple weeks ago. The Morgans Midge and purple parichutes are some of my favorites. Flows out of Twin Lakes and Clear Creek creek are dismal. So they are not doing a good job mitigating slush above Salida. Slush coming from up high can be unpredictable. 


Also check out the Town of Silverthorne's Blue River Fishing Access Map


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