Dillon Reservoir

Dillon Reservoir is located just minutes from the doors of our shop. It offers great fishing for rainbow trout, arctic char, brown trout, and kokanee salmon. Some of the easiest access points are located at the Dillon Marina, Snake River inlet, or Frisco Bay Marina. 

Current Conditions: 

Ice Thickness and Snow Conditions: 

18" with 6-10" of snow in places as of 2/21


Guide Tip of the Week 

Ice fishing at Dillon Reservoir has been productive for rainbow trout near Dillon Marina. We've been fishing water 10-15 feet deep with good numbers of 10-14 inch rainbows. If you are looking for arctic char, fish in water 20-40 feet deep. If you see arctic char with bloated stomachs try fishing shallower for the safety of these fish. They are susceptible to barotrauma which is a condition seen in many fish caught in waters greater than 50 feet that is caused by expansion of gases in the swim bladder. 

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